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Visa requirement for Tunisia cruise stopover

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We are taking cruise from europe with port of call to tunisia. we will be in tunisia for 7 hrs. what kind of visa rqd to visit tunisia for brief period? can we get it at the port?


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    Rupali - if you are on a cruise then the staff on the boat will organise your visas for you if you wish to disembark. There will be an announcement and you just need to produce your documents. More thank likely customs will board the ship to issue the visas.
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    we are taking msc cruise from naples with port of call to palermo(italy),la goulette(tunisia),palma de mallorca(spain),barcelona(spain),marseilles(france),genoa(italy),naples.we have been given type C schengen visa(2 entries). the cruise visits 1 nonschengen country.i am worried as all cruise sites say you require multiple entry schengen visa, will we be allowed to board the cruise?
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    Rupali - please contact your travel agent or the cruise liner/agency and confirm requirements with them. They will give you a definitive answer
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    The issue of Visa Requirements for Cruise Passengers has been one of the most popular on the Word Travels forum. Please refer to the new article, I'm sure it'll help clear up some of the confusion.
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    I have Iranian Nationality and passport. I am taking msc cruise from naples with port of call to palermo(italy),la goulette(tunisia),palma de mallorca(spain),barcelona(spain),marseilles(france),genoa(italy),naples Italian Cruise .I have schengen visa with Multiple entry. Do I need to apply for Tunisian visa for going to the city of La gouttee in Tunisia>
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    Tahereh - as an Iranian Passport holder you will need a visa prior to your arrival into Tunisia.
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    Hi lesley you seem to be the visa expert around here so I was wondering if you have any advice, being silly I booked msc cruise departing barcelona on med cruise for 7days all ports except for tunisia would be covered by schengen visa which my wife has, but now Ive realised la goulette has no connection with the schengen and my wife who is a thai national would surely need a visa for tunisia! So I was wondering would she be likely to be refused bording the ship in barcelona as she has a schengen for the euro countries but no visa for first port of call which is la goulette, she would gladly stay on the boat and not disembark there if it meant she could go on the cruise, would be interested to get some views past experiences on here, will be calling my tarvel agent tomorrow and im awaiting a reply from MSC also. We are resident in Ireland and I cant see us getting a tunisia visa in time for the cruise, so hopefully theyll let her stay on the boat, if she gets on!
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    I have an urgent question: I hold an Iranian passport. I am taking a msc cruise from naples with port of call to palermo(italy),la goulette(tunisia),barcelona(spain),marseilles(france),genoa(italy) and back to Naples. Do I need a single-entry Schengen visa or multiple?
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    Hi there bing,

    You'll need to get a multiple-entry Schengen visa from the Italian embassy, and remember that you'll need a separate visa for Tunisia as well.
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    Hi Anya,
    Thank you for your response.
    I'm planning on staying on board at Tunisia. Would I still need a Visa for Tunisia?
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    If you're not leaving the ship, then you won't need a visa.
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    Thank you Anya.
  • hi you can leave your ship and enjoy the city as you will be tourist with a group of people. you don't need a visa. if you are a worker on the ship you will be allowed with some instruction and valid card from the port for some hours. enjoy tunisia
  • Hi  We are Australian we arrive by ship for an 8 hour port stop  in La Goulette .  I contacted the Tunisia Consulate and they advised me it would Cost $150au each if we applied to them or $300 each visa on arrival.  Can you please tell me if this has changed since your post.  Thank you in advance.
  • I'm Vietnamese, having multiple schengen visa. I'm taking MSC Cruise from Marseilles to Genoa, Naples, Messina (Italia), La Goulette (Tunisia), etc. Supposed I will need Tunisia visa for entry La Guolette, so can I get visa on arrival and how the cruise staff can support it?
  • MSC Cruises are very reputable and provide advice and assistance regarding visas check here
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