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Single women and son travelling in Tunisia

edited March 2010 in - Tunisia
I'm planning a holiday for my son and I. It's our first holiday abroad on our own and I think we're going to stay at Caribean world in Skanes.
I figured the water park would help to keep the boy entertained!
We are both fair haired and blue eyed and I have heard stories of locals pestering visitors and am a little worried.
I would really love to go ahead and book the holiday as the little I have read about Tunisa sounds fantastic.
I would be extremely grateful to hear from anyone who can give me more information about the place just to ease my mind before I make a final decision.
Many thanks.


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    L - I don't know where you hear these stories! They are ridiculous. I readily admit that being blonde does entertain the locals and I am a great source of entertainment being blonde myself. Believe me in Skanes they are very used to all types and shades of tourists so you won't be the only 'blondes in the village'. You will not be pestered, only if your son is very young he will be loved almost to death by us...........Tunisians love and adore children and they can often be your passport to other adventures. So go ahead and book your holiday, I can guarantee you will have a wonderful time.
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