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what are the requirements in going to austria to have a sponsor visa if you are a pilipino like me.

I'm a filipino and I want to visit austria. My wife is there with a visa of immigrant she's barely 8 months there and still have no permanent job. My question is how can I visit my wife and what are the documents needed to acquire a sponsor visa. I really need your expertise on this because I want to be with my wife and mis her so much please help me. Thank you so much


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    You must call the Austrian Consulate/Embassy closest to you. They are the only ones who can give you this information. Rules change constantly. You need to present your papers and personal information to apply for a Visa. Call to be sure you can set up an appointment. Also, check with your own country to be sure of the re-entry rules after being out of your country. (this case, Austria) Some resorts hire foreigners. Check online to see what resorts are hiring. Maybe they can also help with Visas.
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