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Make Your Florida Trip Special

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There’s no other place on Earth like Florida. Give it a day, and it will take your heart away.A week, and you may never leave
If you have already made the decision to visit Florida for your next holiday, then you owe it to yourself to discover how to make it a vacation like no other.
Looking to make the most out of your Florida getaway?
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  • florida is one of the most visited states in the country. florida has a lot of attractions to its visitors it is best destination to stay in us ....
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    I comletely agree with your views. You can specially visit places in south beach Miami. You will have a great fun during enjoy holiday. You can also book luxury hotel at very affordable rate.
  • I agree with you.Yes Florida is amazing place for visit.beaches is most attractive place in Florida.  
  • There are so many incredible theme parks in Florida it's hard to choose which ones to visit! Can any of you give recommendations for the best theme parks for those not travelling with kids in Florida? The reviews tend to emphasise which are best for children, but I'm curious to know which come most highly recommended for adults looking to have a little innocent amusement-park fun...
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    I agree with Ella Johnson! Florida has a wide variety of attractions and offers amazing theme parks, beautiful buildings, stunning beaches and many other attractions for fun there. According to my point of view; the most attractive place to visit there are:

    St. James Cathedral
    SeaWorld Orlando
    Magic Kingdom Park
    Universal's Islands of Adventure
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    Every year during the summer holidays I
    visited the Florida attractions with my family. We always prefer water parks,
    beaches, golf courses, and a SeaWorld to make our holidays memorable.  

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    That’s great! Florida is really a
    nice summer destination. Here I am interested to know which are your favorite
    water parks and beaches in Florida and why? 

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    I absolutely love visiting Florida. I end up traveling from attraction to attraction. I usually just rent a car from because it ends up being a lot cheaper than paying taxi fares. 

    The weather is spectacular and the people are so lively. Let us not forget the beaches!
  • That's great.
  • Very Nice Post...Florida is best and beautiful place to spend your vacations.
  • Florida is such an amazing place to spend your vacations with family!!!!!
  • @josephrichie99, one more useless post of this kind and you will be banned. If you have travelled to the places you are commenting on, please give useful info. Why is Florida amazing for family holidays?
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    I'm very interested in more tips from people who have been to Florida already!
    My husband and I are going to be in Florida next year in March! For our wedding we got a room at the Premiere Condo hotel in Orlando, we heard already a lot about the beaches and the parks!
    I'm also interested to spend some time in the Everglades, has anybody been to this area and has recommendations? This would be very helpful!
    We are going to spent approximately 2 weeks in Orlando!
  • I am also planning to visiting Florida with my friends to spends my holidays . Give me suggestion it was safe area and which attractions can see in Florida.
  • Most Florida holidays are planned around a city or a region of the state - I can be more specific about fun attractions and safety etc if you ask about particular cities, but for an overview of the most popular places to visit in Florida check out this free Florida Travel Guide. Let us know if you have any more specific questions...
  • Yes, i love to visit to Florida on vacations. But i love to go Panama City which is in Florida. I will plan to go Panama City Beach with my friends to spent holidays. We can also book resort for our holidays.IT is very awesome place and there are many things to do.
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    You can make your Florida trip memorable by visiting these destinations:
    1. Walt Disney World
    2. Florida Keys
    3. Magic Kingdom
    4. Everglades
    5. South Beach
    6. Everglades National Park
    7. SeaWorld Orlando
    8. Disney's Hollywood Studios
    9. Kennedy Space Center
    10. Dry Tortugas National Park
    11. Islands of Adventure
    12. Amelia Island
    13. Clearwater Beach
    14. Moon Thai Weston
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    Thanks Everyone for the great tips about travelling to Florida, and which attractions are best to visit - very helpful. I have a few days in Tampa to kill as I'm heading to Florida on business, not for pleasure unfortunately. With not much time on my hands, two days at most, where would you suggest I go? I'm travelling alone and not too sure about what I should prioritise in Tampa. What ultimately should I narrow my choices down to? Would appreciate the advice. I'm fairly open to any suggestions, outdoors or not.
  • @Sasha123 why not take a look at the Word Travels guide to Tampa and its attractions.
    While I have never been to Tampa, it's evident that there is much to see and do, regardless of your time limitation. There are lots of museums such as the renowned Tampa Museum of Art and another popular visit is the Florida Aquarium. Neither will take you long and are perfect if killing time alone in Tampa. If you're after something a little more active, why not visit the Busch Gardens theme park and zoo.
    Hope that helps!
  • Florida is the best place to go with your family to make your loved ones day special :wink:
  • JosetteBlackmer 's listed up names are noted and I would love to see all these places in Florida to make a perfect travel time. :D
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