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Mountain treck - Kilimanjaro or Mount Kenya?

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I'm planning to do a climb in Africa in November with my girlfriend. Neither of us are experienced climbers but we've been up the 3 main peaks in the UK and I've also previously done Macchu Picchu (4200m).

We've got a choice between Kili in Tanzania and Mount Kenya in.... Kenya! They both sound amazing but I only know people who have climbed Kili.

Can anyone shed some light and make recommendations on which climb you think is the most stunning for scenery and enjoyment?

Would welcome your thoughts.



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    Hey jAMES.
    DURING Nov East Africa experiences short rains and you should also chech the weather patterns before you settle for either.
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    Hey James
    both mountains are good
    But I believe it will be for the best that you climb Kilimanjaro as it the roof of Africa its 5896 meters above sea level , its the highest free standing mountain in Africa .
    And you are coming all the way from UK , its far and its once in a life time thing
    I climbed it last year ,
    all the best
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    Thanks for the helpful comments and contacts, really appreciated - we've decided to climb Kili and can't wait!
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    I second Fizzy Mt Kilimanjaro will be best for you for its easier than Mt. Kenya. You can choose from any of the two famous routes below. Marangu Route or Machame Route.
    Equipments are available for hire too
    We too do organize for the Kilimanjaro climb
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    Hi James! Climbing Kilimanjaro is one of the most rewarding experiences you might ever have the chance to do. It’s actually quite a bit different from climbing Everest or any other mountaineering experience. There are typically no mountaineering equipment involved, and most anyone in good physical shape has a great chance or reaching the summit if they plan carefully, even with no real previous climbing experience. It’s basically like a long hike so dont compare with mt kenya. mt kenya and mt meru its not big mountain like kilimanjaro.

    chooce your rout to climb mt kilimanjaro i will charge you best price as a friend email [email protected]

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    I did 5 days Mt.Kenya Clibing with opulent africa tours and it was wonderful,i asked about Kili and when i compared the pricing i found it to be a bit more expensive.

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    Hi, james, you can climb mt Kilimanjaro via macahame route 7 days, you will enjoy and not very techinical,
    mr Kibo
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    Hello James,

    The major difference between the Kilimanjaro and Mount Kenya is thet for Mount Kenya, you will need to do some technical climbing to get to the peak. as for Kili, its a gradual trek with no technical rock climbing and thus rather easier than Mount Kenya.

    For someone who is out for the challenge and technical part of it, i would recomend Mount Kenya, but if you are climbing for the experience which is definately awesome, Kilimanjaro offers better sweeping views and great sunsets, and is most definately easy to conquer.

    As for the costs, Mount Kilimanjaro is more expensive than Kenya. You run the choice.

    Goodluck and enjoy the climb.

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    I did both with a company called Ultimate Experience. Mount Kenya was cheaper and plus the weather was better, the scenery was breath taking plus my tour operator added on rock climbing and high ropes just as a bonus.

    They explained that the route we took, (a little known route called the marania route) was the best option since being on the north slope the weather was always nice and for the final climb it offered the opportunity to take a less challenging route or one that exerts you a little more.

    Which ever you choose, they are both great experiences.
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    I am just coming back from 4 days trekking Mt. Kenya. It is very confusing to
    choose a good trekking/ safari company in Nairobi. I would like to recommend
    mountsafaris adventure as a fabulous company to go
    with.The guides and porters were very knowledgeable and professional and
    managed to get everybody of the 29 member group I went with (mostly people
    from the British army on an adventure training trip) to the top of Mt. Kenya.
    The food was great, the atmosphere cheerful and friendly, and everybody was
    always supported by the team, both with offers of help, carrying backpacks, or
    just a smile at the right moment. We managed to get up to the 16355ft.
    viewpoint at pt. Lenana at exactly dawn and experienced a fantastic sun rise
    over the stunning mountains.
    These guys are reliable, professional and deserve mentioning in your forum
    Iris Schwarz
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    I would have to go against the popular opinion on here. I've done Kenya over 2 nights, Sirimon - Naro Moru route if I remember correctly it was never particularly hard work except perhaps the summit day due to the lack of food and 10hour walk to top then down to the base - to be honest with more food and a couple more hours it's possible with 1 night if your fit. Half of these mountains is confidence and just keep going. I can assure you the views on top of Kenya are more spectacular at Point Lenana due to the spires of the two highest 'technical' peaks that sit astride you. You should also find Kenya considerably cheaper and quieter as well... All in all a far more spiritual mountain in my experiences. Kili now is rather like the sponsorship/gap year go to mountain and whilst that is great for the Tanzanian mountains local economy it did little for my experience of it. They literally sell coke on one of the routes on the way up! On Kenya I read the Chogoria route is the one though if you want spectacular scenery, although I cannot say I've done it - will make sure I do next time am in the country! Enjoy either though!
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    Facing the same decision - Kili or Mt Kenya - seems from comments that the Kili experience is ? spoiled by the commercilisation, cost and selling products vs having an enriching experience ?
    Had been thinking Kili would be the go as is the highest, the one to tick off the bucket list however trekking with big groups is not for me and seems Mt Kenya a more inspiring option.
    Appreciate further input as traveling from Oz end of the year and have limited time.
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