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can anybody recomend a hotel in delhi?

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hiya,we are looking to pre-book a hotel in delhi for when we land,but can only find what seem to be great hotels with bad reviews.. also any suggestions on goa and kerala too? ta


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    Bad reviews are always to be found on Trip Advisor and similar sites. Someone is much more likely to complain rather than say they loved a place...unless you feel really strongly one way or the other then why review it. You need to take most reviews with a pinch of salt and also adjust your expectations for India. Western standards of plumbing, hygiene and health and safety do not always apply and why should they. Don't expect fluffy pure white towels when a lot of laundry may still be done on the ghats by hand at the riverside for example.
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    Mourya Shereton, Rama Da Plaza, Redisson are the best hotels in Delhi
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