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Is it possible to visit Libya?

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can pls somebody help me to give me an acurate answer,
i am a Filipino working here in dubai, my visa status here is a residence visa, so is it possible for me to get a visa for a vacation in Libya? even few days will be fine,and approximatelt how much will it cost me along with a back and foth ticket. Thank you so much...


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    i am an italian, born in Tripoli in the year 1947 and who left Tripoli in the year 1955. i have a great dream, now that i am 62 years old : review my loved Tripoli, sites in where i played, the house in which i born, the streets and the public gardens that i remember still now as i left them. Excuse me for my english language but i am out of exercise. I am an grandfather now of five chilren. Also my brother, who is 62 years old too, and a sister who is 71 years old, who will visit Tripol, in a holiday time. I will have a answer to my e-mail address : [email protected] if it is possible, wich all necessary informations for realize this our dream. Thank you very much for your courtesy.
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    Dear giuseppe,
    My name is Carol, and I work for Hesperides Tour Services Company Benghazi,Libya, we provide services for visitors who wish to travel to Libya. If you would like to contact me at [email protected], I would be very happy to be of help, we look forward to hearing from you and anyone else interested in visiting this amazing country.
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    jhoeys girl - you will need a visa to enter Libya. This can only be done through a tour company in Libya. You will have a driver and/or guide for the duration of your stay. This is mandatory. Let me know if you need further information,

    [email protected]
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    welcome to libya
    I am Mahmoud Akka, I have a turistic company in Libia, in Tripoli.
    The name is Desert Akakus,
    I am a tuareg guide from Ghadames.
    I can prepare for you trip by 4x4, by flight, trekking, in all Libya, with good service and cheap price.
    I hope to work with you.
    Thanks and have a nice day.

    Mahmoud Akka
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    For you jhoeys girl ,
    you can get visa to libya easily by contacting tourism company. And the best and trusted one is Azjar .
    is a incoming tour operator, and you can take that chance to visit libya being guided from one site to another. visit :
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    I am an Indian and am residing in Caior egypt since 1992 and i want to visit Libya for business. Please let me know the contacts of the libyan embassy in cairo and the requirements to apply for visas
    Thank you
    Azeez Moiz
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    I am an American and I will be traveling through Libya from Tunisia to Egypt early 2010 on my way to the world cup in South Africa. I need assistance getting through Libya as I have heard that it is very complicated if driving your own vehicle. Can you advise me?
    Tom Simpson
    [email protected]
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