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I've reached the end of my tether! I cannot contact the Zimbabwe Home Affairs Department - its Website doesn't work! I cannot reach them by telephone - no one answers.

All I need is an unabridged copy of my marriage certificate!!! Where do I go from here?



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    Try conatcting some one in Zimbabwe to do it for you, may be faster that way
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    Hi, I've been trying for two years to obtain an unabridged copy of my Rhodesian (I was married in Rhodesia) marriage certificate. WHAT a performance. My husband actually travelled to Harare and all they did was put a stamp on it - they couldn't give an unabridged certificate. I don't know if you've managed to get one yet? I have been given some phone numbers:

    011-838-2156 up to 2159. This is the Zimbabwe Consulate in Edenvale South AFrica. I'm so fed up I haven't even phoned them yet! Also the Zimbabwe Embassy in Pretoria 012-342-5125.

    Good luck.
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    HI there!

    Has anyone had any luck in obtaining an unabridged marriage certificate from Rhodesia days? My parents were married in Rhodesia in 1953 (and my father was born in Northern Ireland). Please if anyone can assist. I have tried every possible avenue. I don't have a contact in Zimbabwe in order for them to go and physically check whether the marriage is on record or in the archives?

    I contacted a company here in Durban, who offers this service but the fee is R2200.00 upfront and no guarantee that they can assist. You don't get your money back either which way.

    Please someone I really need help. Tks,
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