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Minimum which can be left on your passport when travelling to Italy

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Can anyone advise the minimum time which can be left on your passport when travelling to Italy. Some countries seem to be 6 months, some 3 months etc etc.. I am travelling to Italy in August and my passport runs out on 30th October.. Can anyone advise? thanks.


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    Depends on your passport .. for EU and US it just needs to be valid, for other nationalities 6 months is minimum. Here is some more information on Italy passport and visa requirements
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    Hi, thanks for prompt response. So I can travel on my existing passport as it is an EU/British passport even though there will only be two months left on it when I travel? just want to be sure as do not want to be turned down at the airport and see my husband and daughter go off without me!!
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    Julie - EU citizens only ever need a valid passport, regardless of date, to travel in other EU countries. However, given that humans and especially border guards are unpredictable at times, if possible, you should renew that passport.
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    Thank you David, will do.
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    Hi what about for a Hong Kong passport holder with an indefinite leave to remain in the UK? My passport expires Sep 2010

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    I hold an Indian passport which expires in June 2010 (have a UK permanent residency- Indefinite leave to remain), and have to travel to India on April 2010 for 2 weeks, will i face any issues travelling to India or coming back to the the UK??
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    i have 2 moths left can i go to china i aready have a visa?
  • Hi Emmielove,

    Where are you traveling from ? Italy? check this out
    best of luck!

    Lisa Morselli
    Ionian Travel
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    got 4 month left on passport. Leaving UK to go to Eygpt to pick up cruise ship. Is this enough time on passport ?
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    Please help! I ve been working for 5 years and saved up for a cruise i have a work permit which runs out in september and my cruise returns july which is 2 months not 3 like needed. i am applying for indefinite leave before my permit runs out. I was told it wont be a problem but does anyone actually know?
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