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Am I Being Scammed?

edited March 2010 in Africa
Hello all!

I have been having a relationship with a woman for a few months now. She says she is from Athens in Greece but since her parents died she is staying in Nigeria while her Attorney sorts everything out for her inheritance. At first she was staying in a motel but has now moved into her Attorney's house with him and his family. We had been talking for several weeks and we got on great, just texting and emailing each other. After those few weeks she said that we could talk more on MSN but she didn't have internet access at the motel, so I send her £50 so she could set that up. A week later we were talking every day on MSN. By this point I had actually started to have some strong feelings for this girl, she seemed too good to be true (and she probably is).Things carried on great she asked me if I could help her pay the motel bills, and also said she needed some money for tampons and food. This seemed like a reasonable request, so I said I would happily help with that.

We had been talking and getting along brilliantly. We even discussed sex, having children and spending our future together as man and wife. This was about 2 months into the relationship. About a month ago she started telling that she was depressed staying over there all alone. She was telling me that people are poor and she doesn't feel safe. Anyway, once I had helped with the motel bills she moved in with her Attorney and his family. We started discussing living together at that point, and she expressed a wish to come and live with me because she felt so lonely over there. This, also, seemed like a reasonable request. I sent her a total of around £500 to help her pay for the flight and for travelling expenses.

We got to the point where she had gone to the airport and had everything sorted for the flight. Only she didn't know about R.A.M. (refundable allowance money) and because she didn't have it they wouldn't allow her to fly. After causing a scene and being arrested (apparently) her Attorney picked her up from the station. She had been crying the whole time. The R.A.M. is £1,200. I don't have access to that sort of cash. The last few days she's been saying that she will commit suicide if she can't be with me...

There has always been the nagging thought in the back of my mind that this is too good to be true, but I was always willing to take that risk. Up until now. Now I don't know what to think. I don't know what to do. Obviously, I don't this person to harm herself.

How can I find out if she is a scammer or if she is genuine?
Is there really such a thing as R.A.M.?

I would really appreciate some help resolving this. Thank you



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    Yes, you are being scammed. It just happened to me today. I met a man on line who seemed to good to be true, he was a widower with an 8 year old daughter, Supposedly he was in Nigeria on travel. He supposedly has an M.B.A. from Univeristy of Oklahoma, Anyhow, everything was going great and then today out of the blue he said he ran into some trouble paying the taxes, etc due on the containers he was shipping. His bank is supposedley Wells Fargo. He had plenty of money in his account, but he can not use credit cards, etc in Nigeria. Would I Western Union him $950 to pay some fee called "demorge" or something like that. Well, intuition kicked in and I knew it was a scam. I further proved my theory when I went to the State Departments webiste and read almost the exact script this person was reading/acting from. If I can recommend anything to you STOP sending money STOP talking to the person, because shortly after you confront them you will hear nothing from them. Please heed my words I am trying to help you. Been there, done that.
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    a girl "dammela nelson"recently contacted me on a site "tagged" we got to know each other.she says shes a nurse in nigeria, lagos is of dutch heritage and is helping a dying girl "darla" which needs heart surgery shes needs funds to fly to the UK for an operation.she is asking for to send $80 to her coordinator "renita glenn" then shes going to fly to the UK with drala and after the surgery shes going to fly here to be with me.i want to know is this a scam, she seems to not have pics of her in nigeria or with this girl darla.

    i would like some help with this please.

    thank you all
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    There is also person Andre Smith, from personals at yahoo; [email protected] He is 45 yr old engineer, widower from California, presently in Nigeria buying purest oil, to be sold to US refineries. He went there with his young daughter. Daughter died from kidney complications. Andrea now is desperate. He's ben jailed, all of his oil barrels were seized by the government, he's been treated real bad, can not get help from embassy, because his passport and documents have been confiscated.
    I send Andre my sincerest sympathy, and recommended, that he should contact his investors in states to help him out. Also informed poor fella to go to US embassy, they have the means of identifying him, in this day and age! Andrea says that Africa has the purest oil, then ads in awe, and Saudi Arabia. For an engineer Andre writes like a 13 yr old. Then Andrea ads that he needs to come back to US to be with me, were he belongs.
    Although, I have not engaged in any conversation with this Andrea person, he claims to be, he managed to write this much, begging me to answer his calls.
    I had not spoken with Andrea, and he loves me. Oh my oh my.
    Andrea is definitely a scam artist.
    If not, he's the most unlucky person in business and personal life. Regards to Andrea.
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    Hi everyone,

    Here's a link to our guide on how to spot Online Scams and how to avoid them.
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    Hello everyone, I was being scammed by this man named Charles Brooks he said he is a marine when we met on black planet he was in Canadia so he says on leave. He received orders to go to Nigeria for peace keeping. We continued to communicate with each other with the promise of meeting for my work Christmas party on the 3rd of December. Well Charles seems to have a anger issue and got in a fight with one of the local natives in nigeria and was put in the guard room as punishment and had to pay 250.00 for damages to a computer. I like a dummy sent him 250.00 so he could take his leave and we could meet. Well he sent me a flight scheduled of the 3 plans he was to catch on December 2 and 3rd. The phone that Charles and I were communicating on was switched off and has been that way every since. I went to the airport to pick him up and of course he never shows up. Then I receive an email from some Doctor Greg from the National Hospital of Abuja who says Charles has been shot in the shoulder and mugged. Everything was taken from him except his passport and address book. The doctor wanted me to come to Nigeria to help Charles since he refused to speak to anyone but me. Has anyone else out there experienced a scam like this one? P. S Charles wife was killed in a train accident and he has a son name Jason who is 6 he lives in Florida with Charles Pastor Mike Peterson. Here is the email address that I first started communicating with him on [email protected] then he made a new one becasue he said his account had been hacked [email protected] If anyone knows of this character please fill me in. Thanks [email protected]
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    I'm hoping someone out there can help asap. I shall try to keep this post as brief as possible.
    My friend who visited a holiday resort in Egypt in March 2012 met an egyptian who was working on the beach and who now works in a hotel spa. She has now visited him 3 more times and is very happy, he is half her age but she tells me they have a lot of fun together and he is vey attentive and sweet with her. Around May his mother was ill and he asked her to send money so she could have an operation, she said no and it ended that the mother died (apparently)

    In August he told her that he had inherited his mothers house but it was deemed by the governing officials to be unsafe and was pulled down, from there they aaparently told him that if he did not build on the land by November they would reposses the land and give him a little money for it. He has asked my friend for 20.000 euros to build one floor of a property and has told her that a family member will pay 40.000 euros for this one floor with the 40.000 euros he will pay my friend back her 20.000 and will build a second floor for himself to live. My feeling is that this could well be a scam but giving him the benefit of the doubt that he is telling the truth it could be that he is living a dream and hasn't really thought it through as to how he'll give my friend her money back in the event his family member does not want to pay 40.000 euros for the one floor. I'd like proof of the laws regards property and land to be able to show my friend in black in white that what he is telling her is not the case. She's a good person and likes this man, she's well aware of what goes on but her fondness for him makes her want to help him. He has now told her that he has been given an extention till January to start building and so needs the 20.000 euros by that time. He has also told her that it will take about 4 months to complete the building. January is the deadline, please could someone make a constructive and helpful comment asap.
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