Is she real?

edited March 2010 in Africa
I have been supporting a woman in Nigeria for 3-yrs 6-months. Each time I get enough money for her to travel - something comes up to prevent her from travelling - and of course there is always an 'ask' for more money. So far I have spent $125,000-Aust ($110,000-US) on her. (I know, it's a huge amount of money, but love knows no boundries.)

The latest hurdle has just happened. She says that the Ethiopian airlines plane that she was leaving on was delayed for 2-weeks due to engine problems. Now just as she is about to travel, the latest ask is for another $685-US for a company called - Togo Airport Management - Control of illegal Travellers Agency...
1/ Is there such an agency because the 'official form' she sent to me looks very 'home-made'? The spelling is very incorrect; the email address is - illegalagancy@hotmail.COM The word agency is incorrectly spelt and the '.com' is in capital letters. I have never seen that before. The phone number is - 226 00849184

This woman has sprung this on me at the last minute (once again).

2/ Did Ethiopian airlines have a plane grounded at Gnassingb


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