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I've enjoyed some traveling in my time. I spent some time in Sydney and loved (almost) every minute of it.

For quite some time now I've been planning my next destination to be the Southwestern United States...New Mexico, Arizona. What I'm really looking for is some peace and solitude and a more pleasant climate than the American Northeast.

But last night I had the craziest idea to abandon that scheme and instead sneak away to Tasmania, which is about as far from "home" as I think I could earth-ily get.

Is this a foolhardy scheme? I imagine they've got some urban areas despite their rich heritage of unspoiled nature. They must have nightlife. I am a musician and would like to become serious about performing publicly more often. I understand there are a handful of internationally known acts which hail from Tasmania. I imagine the music scene there is vibrant, diverse and exotic.

I'm wondering how expensive it might be to move some of my belongings to such a remote region of the earth. I have no problem going by boat if it will save me some dollars.

And what if I like it so much i want to stay? How welcoming is Tasmania of outsiders coming to naturalize?

And how serious is the process of naturalization? Will Uncle Sam take it as an offense and never let me come back some day?

Anything that anybody can tell me about Tasmania would be great. I must be crazy to even consider this...


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    Tasmania, where I grew up, is no more remote than Rhode Island, if somewhat more scenic. It is a state of Australia and its 400,000 people are not much different to other Australians. And all the same laws, including immigration controls, apply there. The closest international airport is Melbourne, which also has an overnight ferry service to northern Tasmania, but there is no other passenger shipping service. Fly there from mainland Aus with virginblue, jetstar or Qantas. Check out the offical tourism website at
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