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If you need to visit a European country for 6-7 months but not continuously

I have read that you can visit most European countries without a visa for 3 months. Is that 3 months out of a calendar year or just three months without leaving the the European country for a period of time. If so, what is that period of time? So can we spend 2.5 months in Germany and then go back to the US for 1-2 weeks and then have another 2-3 months in Germany?

On a similar scneario if country A & B both have the 3 month rule for not requiring a Visa, as an example if you can spend 3 months in country A and then 3 months in country B?


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    You did not mention if you were from the USA or not. If you are a USA citizen, you can stay 90 days total out of your country. This is not 90 days in Germany, then 90 days in France. You must also find out which countries need visas. These are 2 separate things. Our country imposes the 90 days out of the USA rule. Visas are issues between you and the country you wish to visit. Check with the countries you want to visit online at their embassies or consulates. If you are not a citizen of the USA, I don't know the ruling for you.
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    Thanks...we are US citizens. Need to travel for work to support an installation of some new business systems. So is the 90 days out of the USA contiguous or can we go for 1-2 months, come back to the US for a few weeks and then go back for another couple months?
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