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Marrakech: currency and what to wear

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I am going to marrakesh next weekend. what shall I wear and what is the best currency to take?


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    Dress appropriately and be yourself. The best valuta to bring with you is the Euro. Dollar is exchangable everywhere in Morocco, but its value is a lot less than the Euro nowadays. Have a nice trip and enjoy your stay in exotic Morocco.

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    What on earth does "dress appropriately" mean - that phrase will be different for every type of person!!
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    It means dress conservatively for the culture, and practically for the hot weather. So long sleeve cotton shirts rather than tank tops; loose fitting long pants rather than miniskirts or short shorts!
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    The matter of currency has been dealt with in great detail in a similar post although I expect you have already arrived.
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    Hello l'm one of 2 females going to Marrakech in September of this year, are we going to feel safe as we've not been before, also what's the weather like then. Thank you
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    The average high temperature in September is 32°C with a historical range of 21°C to 43°C. The average low is 19°C with a historical range of 1to 27°C. September has mostly sunny days with a 5% chance of a cloudy one and may be quite humid.
    For safety related info try this link:
    or this one:
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