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US Road Trip

edited March 2010 in - USA
Hey, my mate and I are looking to do a 2month roadtrip across the states, from LA probably to the west coast.

We've heard loads of stories about being able to buy a cheap car and get it insured then sell it at the other end. How feasible is this? What to do in terms of insurance, resistering car, use of UK licence, finding & selling said car??

Has anybody done this or similar? Would be interested in finding out an estimate cost for petrol and any tips/tricks.



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    Hey - i did that trip, but it was in 1995 so long time ago. We bought a camper van - '69 Chevy - and drive it from Oregon to New York, stopping by Mexico. Awesome trip, best way to see the country. As a South African I found it pretty easy to buy a car and get insurance. I took a big loss selling it because i was in a rush and had to offload on a dealer (they will give you peanuts). The best place to sell is at a backpackers in New York as lots of people wants to the drive in reverse.

    My only tips is that as we were cheapskates we saved a lot of money by sleeping in the van, then nipping into camp sites and using their ablution facilities. Also, be careful where you park: we got thousands of dollars worht of fines in New Orleans, and the vehicel got damaged in New York as we parked on the wrong side of the road for the dauily street sweeping machine!
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