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Zimbabwe safety concerns

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Hi, can anyone tell me if its safe to visit Harare as part of a holiday to Zimbabawe?


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    Hi Risky1
    Certainly there is some risk however the question is why? Harare does not offer much anymore and you would be better off enjoying the wildlife and adventure offers in the Vic Falls vicinity. You could do this from the Livingston/Zambia side as well and reduce the risk.
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    Thanks BrianB I appreciate you responding. My main priority of course would be Victoria falls / wildlife trips but it seems a shame that Harare is becoming a no-go zone. I think I was curious as Ive become quite interested in the history of Rhodesia/Zimbabawe and Salisbury/Harare did look such a nice place to live and/or visit at one time. I'll have to give it some more thought!
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    Hi Risky
    Harare is very safe very safe to travel to and there are luxury buses that leave Harare at Rainbow towers for Bulawayo twice a day everyday. You can even make a stop over at Gweru Antelope park. But for safety precautions, you should never involve yourself with politics and don't just take photographs randomly as they might suspect you to be a Journalist. But in general, tourists are protected than any thing else.

    Chris Ncube operates:
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    Hey I am a South African and I think you take risk going there; as said above rather do Vic Falls from the Zambia side; I also can't really think what would be interesting in Harare! lIke Joburg - rather go to Sun City or the Kruger Park!! or Cape Town; but not Joburg!
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    You never feel threatened in Harare and it's no more dangerous than any other city in the world. If it's history you are interested in Bulawayo is your better bet and very safe. You could easily spend at least half a day in the museum and another half day at Bulawayo Club or even sleep there. There are historical photos till the cows come home, not to mention chairs that Cecil Rhodes sat in. Nearby is Matobos with San Paintings dating back thousands of years.
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    Thanks Afrizim. People still think Zim is as bad it was in 2008. It probably one of the safesty countries to visit now. Zimbabwe needs tourists like yesterday and you will be badly abused if you were to harass tourists. But like Afriquest travel said, tourists should stay away from politics as the government will think you are a journalist of which they are enemies with. I have even seen some overland trucks especiallly at Gweru antelope park and they travel all the way to Mutare on their way to Mozambique. They do visit Matopos and Great Zimbabwe. For those in the Uk, buy a wanderlust magazine and they had an article about why you should visit Zimbabwe.
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    you see the problem is people spend so much time meddling with politics rather than getting facts on the ground, remember through history " publication is done by the upperhand, meaning by those who got money", Zim might not have the resouses to defend themselves or to tell their side of the story. Surprisingly, Zim was fully booked during the festive season and tourism is boosting through testimonies by repeat tourists who enjoy Zim and bring friends on their next trips. food for thought
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    Zim is very safe dont let the media fool u guys. i am very much anti-government but i can tell for sure Zim is very very safe. Peeps out there dont be decieved, things arent always as they seem. Problem is that a lot of u people dont have first hand info on our country and its safety, all your info is based on media reports. Here is an idea, ASK SOME OF US WHO LIVE HERE!!!!!!! This is in actual fact one the safest and friendliest holiday destinations in Africa....

    To any1 thinking of a Zim holiday, i say come its safe and there is no risk. Harare and zimbabwe as a whole is a whole lot safer than Joburg or south africa as a whole. You dont worry about getting jacked by nobody or shot. very safe and peaceful.
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    Harare is safer than London. At least you will not be stopped and searched by anyone without cause. No guns or knives lying around randomly.

    The people are genuinely welcoming and sincere. Zimbabweans love visitors and no part of the country is unsafe from Harare to Bulawayo. Hey, please visit Mutare (Eastern Highlands Capital) and you will love it there. Clean and beautiful city. Much much better than Salt Lake City,Utah in terms of least l thought.

    Advise: Stay away from politics, especially land issues. Just go and do what you are going there for.

    Peter (Australia)
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    I would like to travel from SA to Bulawayo and up to the falls. I am originally from Byo but have not returned in 25 years. I have been to Vic Falls but travel agent from South Africa suggests avoiding traveling through Zims with family of seven children. However, I would love for my children to see Matopos etc. Any suggestions on how to do this safely with petrol restrictions and going through the border at Beit Bridge. Any concerns that I should have?
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    Have been to Zimbabwe many times but I wouldn't go there again for love nor money. Guides can be killers to get your possessions and who cares? Certainly no investigation follows. With so many millions of Zimbabweans hungry and homeless you're asking for what could be your last travel adventure. And this from someone who loved Zim better than any place on earth.
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    zim is still a safe place to visit despite the political instability at times but it never affects those who aren't directly and actively involved in political matters but as a tourist it is safe and i recommend places like vic falls and kariba rather than harare purely because those places have more to offer in terms of scenery and recreational activities. harare is safe though, zim as a whole is safe though you do have to be cautious cause danger no matter where you go is a possibility. south africa on the other hand is extremely dangerous. im sure you've seen and heard about the xenophobia attacks, if south africans were to come to zimbabwe they would not be treated in that way but such is life. I'd rather be in zimbabwe where it is politically unstable but safe.
  • @lunanavu, I agree with most of what you say about Zimbabwe - as a tourist destination it is still pretty safe, despite the terrible political violence. I would advise that travellers stick to the more touristy areas, as you suggest, and it is a truly beautiful country. However, although South Africa has a high crime rate, things like the xenophobic attacks you mention are extremely unlikely to affect tourists, more unlikely than political strife in Zim, so it isn't really a fair comparison. Tourists in both countries need to stay alert to the possibility of both petty and violent crime, but in neither country should they be overly concerned about political violence or targetted attacks on foreigners.
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