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ireland visa

hi all, im a first time poster. i'm a uk citizen and my partner of 3 years s a phillipino with a permanent right to remain in the uk visa. we whish to visit southern ireland. my question is does my partner require a seperate visa or is the uk residency visa sufficient. thanks Gary


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    Gaz - a Philippin passport holder needs a visa to visit Ireland. Her UK visa is good for N.Ireland, but not Rep of Ireland.
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    My husband, my nephew and I are New Zealand citizens and are planning to travel to Ireland later in the year to attend a family wedding. My nephew was imprisoned for an assault approximately 13 years ago. He has had no other trouble with the law since that incident. Would that conviction/imprisonment prohibit him from entering Ireland?
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    Hi, I'm UK resident, holder of blue travel document, have live to remain uk visa.I wish to visit Republic of Ireland with my son. Would i required visa for? Thanx a lot.
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    for visiting southern ireland yes tatiana, you will need a visa. you can visit northern ireland without requiring a seperate visa.
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    hi im pilipina the family of my boyfriend were inviting me to visit them in scotland , visit visa is enough or tourist visa? i want to know if what really i need form visit or tourist visa thanks i hope you answer me, this the first time i will meet my bf, he dont yet visit me, but his father were inviting me to go in uk, pls advise me, thank you
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    I am holding an indian passport and also have a visa to stay indefinitely in uk. do i need a visa ?
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    It can be confusing , so let me clarify questions.. also if you are generally travelling in Europe

    1) The United Kingdom is England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland , the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands
    2) The Republic of Ireland is an independent country.. own laws NOTHING TO DO with UK
    3) The United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland both belong to the European Union, the common trade agreement
    4) Ireland uses the Euro as its currency. The UK uses its own pound
    5) Neither country entered the Schengen agreement. You need to satisfy UK requiremts to enter UK, to satisfy Irish requirements to enter Ireland and to satisfy Schengen requirements to enter the majority of the EU. Google SCHENGEN to check exactly which countries if you want to tour Europe too
    6) Best advice is CHECK EACH COUNTRY'S REQUIREMENTS with its embassy
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