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Query on hotel shuttle service from JNB airport

edited March 2010 in - Southern Africa
I have some queries concerning the shuttle bus service which runs every 15+ minutes interval between JNB airport and the Southernsun OR Tambo hotel.

My initial plan was to do a safari in Eastern cape but we have now changed our plan and heading to KNP instead. For this we need to do a 1 night stop over at Johannesburg and we have decided to go ahead and book with SouthernSun OR Tambo hotel ( which is 500 m from the airport). My flight arrives late night (after 9 PM) and I am travelling with small children.

Here is the list of queries which I have -
1. Do they have proper signs to the pickup point / waiting area
I have read some posts saying that the signage for the shuttle to the airport Sun wasn’t well marked so it becomes hard to locate the pickup

2. Do we need to pay or it’s a Free shuttle service to/from the airport to the hotel

3. Safety while waiting for the next shuttle service ?
How safe is the waiting area / pickup point ? I understand that we may have to wait over 15 odd mins to catch the next available shuttle to
the hotel.

Will it be safe to wait there on our own at 10 PM+ or should we consider taking a cab from the airport to the hotel.
If so, which cab would you recommend i.e Rikkis, Metered cabs etc

Any advice/feedback would be much appreciated.



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    Dear DeeBee,
    According to the Southern Suns web site, the hotel shuttle is a free service ( I suggest that you contact them directly ([email protected]) to determine the exact pickup points. Certainly you will be safe in the waiting area although several private taxi services may offer/pester you with their services. Rather stick with any of the formal taxi services with cars that are clearly marked and leave from the formal taxi rank. Remember than when you travel anywhere in the world, you are a bigger target if you appear uncertain as to where to go. So even when I am in a train Station in Rome or Milan, if I am uncertain on where to go (like looking for the correct platform), I move to the side preferably near a wall or fixed object, and then take my bearings before moving on. This always makes you less of a target for pickpockets or luggage lifters.

    Most of all, enjoy!!
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    DeeBee, passenger security is pretty good at OR Tambo. There are lots of policemen about, and pickups points are demarkated. Go the info booth on arrival and ask for direction to where you need to be. It is not actually a huge airport so the pick-up point is not hard to find.
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