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Travelling Alone - Singapore & Malaysia

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Hi I am travellign to Singapore alone, i have been told by many peopel that it is safe to travel alone to Singapore & Malaysia, but being travel experts could you please advise me further. I have alreayd bought my tickets & the money includes everythign my accomodation, tarnsportation to & fro airport and my tours are booked with transport. So basically am only taking money for my expenses such as food & any shopping, how much should i take for 13 days.

Will very much appreciate your help.



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    angelbaby - Singapore and Malaysia are two very safe destinations, but it is always worth taking precautions. Start by reading our Word Travels guide to Singapore and Malaysia, including the safety tips.

    As for money, well food is very cheap and delicious in those places. so you can eat very decently for $30 a day. Shopping is harder to predict...

    Have fun!
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    Hi Thank you DavidF I will have a look at the guide. thank you ones again.
    Just oe last question do you think $4000 is enough for 13 days including both the countries.

    thank you!!!
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    $300 per day should be plenty for accom, food, transport and spending money. Keep it safe though! Probably best to use a credit card and draw cash or travelers cheques which are still a safe way of transporting money despite being out of fashion these days.
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    Hi DavidF, my accomo, and all the tours are already paid so the moeny I will be taking is just for my expenses including food and any shopping. But thanx this so great to get an answer so quick. Its just tht this is the first time am travelling so far and fist time to singapore & malaysia and also that too alone. So little bit nervous, with excited.

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    Hey, you'll have a great time. Enjoy. Read the guides I linked you to, they'll steer you in the right direction...
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    Hi angelbaby, I just happen to read your inquiry about how much you need to bring to spend on food and shopping in Singapore and Malaysia and like to give some suggestions. Food and transportation are cheap especially in Malaysia; shopping is about half or even less than Europe price. Since all the big items are already paid for, SGN$3,000 is more than enough to spend like a Duke. By the way, I am a Singaporean.
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    Hi PhilipK, thank you for the advise, am actaully from new zealand, so it is prity hard for me to make out how much to bring. Out of 13days i'll only be in malaysia for 5 days. so dont think much will be bought but singapore will be spending more time there. You know how it is beter not be less rather be more :-). So cool sine my accomo and all ym tours and tour transport is paid what you are saying s that for 13 days including singapore & malaysia SGN $3000 is enough right. Cool Thanks.
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    Thank you DavidF.....thnak you for your advise I sure will enjoy....And upon my return will let you know.

    Thank you!!!!!!!
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    Hi angelbaby, since you are from New Zealand you can expect to spend lesser than what you would in your country: maybe 10 to 20%. SGN$1,000 (equivalent to M$2,500) and that's a lot for 5 days in Malaysia. The best places to go in Malaysia are Malacca and Penang (you can fly to Penang via or (SGN$50) and for Malacca is better by Coach (SGN$30).
    You can go to or /penang or /malacca for more info.
    Happy holiday :-)
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    Angelbaby, you ask if Singapore and Malaysia are safe to travel in alone. Take this advice from a long-term expat in Singapore. You have to keep in mind that these countries could not be more different in terms of crime, safety, corruption and such. Singapore is probably the safest place in the world in any respect you can think of. While I don't want to say that crimes never happen here, you practically never have to worry about getting your pocket picked, getting scammed, ripped off in taxis, mugged, etc. Also, the food is safe, you can drink water out of the tap, and the medical care is top-notch (if you happen to need it, knock wood). Everything is above-the-board in SG, and the people are fair-minded. If you lost your wallet in Singapore, I'd say there's a 9 in 10 chance someone will look up your ID and try to return it to you.

    In Malaysia though, you don't want to get on the wrong end of any kind of dispute, physical or otherwise. Unlike in SG, cops in MY will side with whoever pays them off, and you are wise to keep an eye on where your wallet, handbag, backpack is at any given moment. By and large it is a safe place, but you gotta keep your head on your shoulders. The only thing that is unsafe in EITHER country is drugs -- do NOT take in even the smallest amount. You will be caught, you will be caned (at minimum) or killed (if over a certain amount). That said, Singapore customs is deceivingly friendly, and if you are within the law (ie, no drugs), you'll find it one of the easiest and friendliest immigration desks in the world.

    By the way, the shopping is top notch. Four new malls on Orchard Road in the last 6 months, with others having gone under major improvements. Best are ION and Paragon on Orchard.
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    Hi Angelbaby, Generally Singapore & Malaysia is a safe place. Should you visit Singapore, a must place would be Orchard Road & Sentosa. Orchard Road will be a nice place for shopping & if your budget permit, drop by Sentosa & visit Singapore latest attraction the Universal Studio (kinda of miniture USA Universal Studio).

    As for Malaysia, visiting it's capital city Kuala Lumpur would be a good choice. A good way to go to Kuala Lumpur from Singpapore is via an executive coach bus ( The bus will stop smack in the city centre just 5 mins walk to Malaysia's icon Petronas Twin Towers. Shopping heaven in Kuala Lumpur will be at Bukit Bintang area which is less that 1.5km from Petronas Twin Towers.

    All the best!
    Moer Ahmad
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    hi we are planning for our honeymoon in sept in singapore and malaysia.we need our tour based on nite stay at beach ,genting,santosa and also if possible a cruise.plzz guide me.regrads nidah ali
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    Singapore and Malaysia were safe location to visit ...Singapore is well known for its beautiful parks and open spaces. For a free and lazy outing, wander around one of the many areas of natural or cultivated beauty. The Botanical Gardens, Zoological Garden and Jurong Bird Park are all well worth a trip. Malaysia is no exception. A must visit for wildlife enthusiasts. It’s great to see so much heritage and culture preserved in spite of the tremendous growth in technology and the rapid spread of globalization.
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    Hey every1!!...I'm going to Malaysia for the first time nd that too wid school...m really excited but a bit confused about how much money to take for shopping...all other expenses have been ,transport etc..can any1 help??
    Plz also temme whether i should keep dollars or ringets nd how much money wld be safe and sufficient to carry..Also give me advice on what i should buy..
    And does any1 know how much it costs for a 6 day 5 nights stay in Malaysia..includng transport nd food..I'd be grateful:)
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    Hi there,

    I am flying into KL from the Gold Coast in March and wanted to know what would be the best route to take (and how) when i want to see the the lovely beaches of Malaysia and make it to Singapore. I have to be back in KL after a 5 week period. Any advise on MUST SEE'S are also very welcome. I often travel OS but this is my 1st trip to these 2 countries. I am aware that some places "off the beaten track" can usually be the highligh of any trip. Any recommedations? Much appreciated.
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    Hi I am travelling to singapore in two weeks with my father, who has some illnesses, which may need doctor consultations. Can you let me know whether the GPs and OPD s in Hospitals are open in weekends? Where should I contact for an emergency medical assistance. I am not refering to a hospital admittance. But just to consult a doctor and have some medicine.
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    We are travelling one week to Beijing and to and a half week to Malaysia. We have two children 7 and 10 years old.
    Where whould you travell to Borneo or Perhentiand island.
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    Hi, i will spend a week in SG nextweek, i booked my tickets and accomodation already, will stay in chinatown, one of those hundreds of hotels there, will be arriving aroung 23:00 hours, can someone help me to make my itinerary for 5 days? and how much will be the budget for 5 days?

    thanks a lot..
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    Hi Princess, I can bring you around Singapore if you are interested. I can drive you to and fro from airport/hotel/destinations. Do drop an email to [email protected] if you are interested. Cheers!
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    I like to know what it's important to visit in Malaysia if you stay only 5 days>
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    I'm hoping to visit singapore in mid April. Can anyone please tell me whether the Hotel Grand Central is of any good??
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    What are the best must do/ see things in Singapore? Any recommendations? I'm just trying to build a list of places so that I can plan my trip next year.

    Thank you!
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    I just go to travel at Malaysia. It has much nice place and good food. I love it and have some picture when go to travel.
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    Kuala Lumpar ,main city in Malaysia has so much to offer.A must to visit is the Twin Towers of Petronas Towers. Also the main park has such a variety of animal life and fauna and flora.
    Singapore is also a fantastic place. Make time for a 'bumboat' trip up the river from Clarke quay. Orchard road superb for shopping and sitting at a cafe watching the world go by.
    Never felt threatened in either of these countries and loved every second of being there...Enjoy!!!!!
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    Hi Johnny, Ru local tour guide & ru registered, as i am travelling to singapore for 3 days break b4 flying to australia.Any advice on "MUST SEE & VISIT" B4 i fly to australia.
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    I want to travel to singapore for 5 days along with my family(total four persons).how much it will cost.

    kadam singh from india
  • I just got back to the US from 3 weeks in Singapore and Malaysia...First of all Singapore is the safest country I have ever been to...much safer than the US. It is the most cleanest city/country also...I also traveled thru Malaysia and it was totall safe..So Have Fun...TravelWitSpells!
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    Kadam, cost will be very subjective depending where you want to go. If you are goin to Sentosa it can be a bit costly unless you are planning just for Botanic Garden, Zoo or Jurong Bird Park. Like wise on food, eating at Clarke Qauy chilly crabs will cost you a BOMB! May i suggest you plan on your budget first & see how it can blend.
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    I am going to Singapore this Feb. only a 4 days tour. will be arriving Singapore at 15:45. I want to go straight to Malaysia to see Petronas and be back to Singapore for the Universal Studios. , is it safe to travel to KL from Singapore around 23:00? How much is the fare? What Bus can you recommend? How much is the fare from Singapore to KL? I've read that Malacca is a good place to see? would it be possible to see Malacca also on way to KL?
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    Hey there, I'm going to Singapore for 9 days. I have paid for acomodation. Will $1000 AUS be enough for food, sight seeing and traveling around?
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    Hello, I'll be visiting Singapore for 6 days on my own on April. Should be exciting but its my first time to travel on my own.
    I do have friends in SG but most of them are working during weekdays, and that leaves me to go on my own itinerary.
    I plan to stay in a hostel near Clark Quay-but still undecided. Somewhere vibrant, not stiff and a lot of people.
    I want to join 'walking group tours' or dinner group--for a chance of interaction, but I don't know which tour groups are usually packed and has a good number of mixed people.

    So for a solo-traveller-where are the good stops? Anything and everything under the sun is cool for me?
    Also, is it possible to visit KL? Whats the easiest way and will save me time (except flying)..
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    Katrina, you can take a bus from Singapore to KL...its cheap, comfortable and takes 4 hours.
    To plan your trip, you can use this very useful website/app
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    I was planning to go to Malaysia alone this summer, but the thing is I am 17 at present, and my folks were telling me that there are traps for young travellers and so on and so forth, I would very much appreciate if an expert would guide me through to the best alternative ??
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    Hi Hussey,

    malaysia is generally quite a safe country to travel in. That being said, I am guessing that you are a girl and therefore your parents are worried during your solo travel, plus you are quite young in my opinion. I travelled in a small group when I was 19..
    That being said, it is always more important to be careful and alert because you never know when you will fall prey to.
    Hence, I think the best alternative if you would like to go to malaysia is to check into a backpacking hostel and get to know a bunch of friends who share similar itinerary as you. And ask if you could tag along or something. This will get you more people and a bunch of possibly lifetime friends.
    Recommend that you check out travelfish - it is for Southeast Asian backpackers with really good tips to share - or you can also check out travelmob - for their social stays where you can connect with hosts who are willing to take you around in a safe manner that gives your folks a peace of mind.

    hope it helps. Stay safe and have fun! :)
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    hello all..great comments so far. I'm planning a trip around June/July 2013, single traveler. Any advice on cheap, but clean hotels. Maybe in areas central to the city or areas of cheap food and good nightlife. thanks
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    Singapore has one of the best public transportation systems you'll ever encounter, so it's very easy to get around. Most of the areas of interest are all within walking distance of one another
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    hi zippins, clean and cheap hotel im not very sure. but i do know one hotel which is still not bad and the price is also acceptable. u can try ibis bencoolen. it is at the town area, walking a few streets down you can find a hawker center with really good and cheap food. besides that, there are also several food centers with very nice and cheap food. cheapest food is about SGD2.50
    and if you know how to walk, striaght down the hotel have several pubs (nightlife)
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    If you have money and you have 18 or 18 + age then you can travel have collect travel guide because you can arranged all these things.
  • Hi everyone! 
    I am backpacking travel from Vietnam to Malaysia for 10 days. This is the first time I come here and I don't know much about this country (the cheapest accommodation or transportation, Geography,...). I have an ambition of travelling all over 11 states in Malaysia within only 10 days. Who could give me some advice?
    Thanks so much ^^
  • I am travelling alone first time to the beautiful city of Singapore. I would like to know which are the important places in Singapore and where the low budget hotels in a safest places in Singapore to stay as I want to stay more days. 

    I have Visa for Singapore but I want to visit Malaysia also. How much Visa Fee to Malaysia from Singapore and how many day they will give the visa.

    Please guide me
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