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Mekong River Cruise in May?

edited March 2010 in - Vietnam
I've heard that May is the monsoon season in Vietnam. Does this mean that a river cruise down the Mekong is off the cards, or do they still operate thoughout the rainy season?

Also, as I'll be travelling through Vietnam in May, can anyone tell me what kind of weather to expect? I need to know what clothing to pack - is it rainy and wet, but still hot? Or does it get cold much?


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    The monsoon does start in May, but it is still a warm and sunny weather most of the time (at least in the Mekong delta), with the occasional heavy shower. More of a photograph opportunity than a hassle in fact.

    on the Mekong delta, the rainy season should be the time for boat maintenance, but some operators have several boats and maintain them one after the other, so they are operating all the time.
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