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Best fishing spots in Wisconsin

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So Wisconsin is a pretty wet place, what with all the lakes and rivers around. I'm keen to get some fly fishing in while I'm there in towards the end of April. I'll be staying in Madison for a couple days before taking a slow drive back to Minneapolis. is there much fishing along the way?

And if so, what kind of fish can I catch? Anyone got any advice, fly recommendations?


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    Hi Murial,

    There is some great fly-fishing in Wisconsin. Musky and trout are common, as are walleye, pike, bluegill, crappie, bass, sturgeon, and a few others.

    If you're looking to stay between Madison and Minnesota though, the Driftless Area is great for fly fishing. Some of the best streams in that area are Castle Rock Creek and Big Springs Creek in Grant County, Knapps Creek on the Richland Crawford County line, Mill Creek in Richland County, and Tainter Creek in Vernon and Crawford County.
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