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Which Greek Island to Visit?

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My husband and me are looking to visit one of the Greek islands around mid May for about 8 days.
We want:
- to less people (touristy types), no children around is preferred.
- to be able to see a new place and experience its culture....
- something around a beach...both of us a crazy about water...
We are both from India but have been in the middle east most of our lives...this is our first real vacation in 3 years so we just want to lay back and soak in the peace and sun...
Can anybody suggest an island that we should visit as well as a hotel on that island. we would rather not go island hopping...


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    Well you should go to Santorini. It is a great place and wonderful sites seeing places. It has warm water and fantastic beaches. The hotels are nice and you will deffenetly experience Greek culture. It might have kids there but other than that it is perfect.
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    Hello Hilma
    You will be stunned by MYRTOS BEACH Kefalonia.
    Stay at equally stunning ASSOS also on Kefalonia with its magnificent little harbour and quite beach.
    The mountain Drive between the capital Argostili and Assos will have to be one of the best 10 Drives in the world
    Check Google Images for - MYRTOS BEACH KEFALONIA
    Best wishes and have a great relaxing time - GREECE IS JUST STUPENDOUS.
    Miki from Sydney Australia
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    My boyfriend and I are going to Paleocastritsa in Corfu this summer, which is lesser known in the tourist circles and beautiful. Reviews raved about its peaceful walks and gorgeous beaches with glass-bottomed boat tours etc, and the place we are staying is adults only :D
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    SANTORINI ISLAND !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    check some
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    For my last vacation in crete I used the services of these people
    to book I was amazed to find good hotel prices as compared to some of the big guys out there...
    this holidays whose the best of my life , i enjoy every minute at this island.
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    Hi I perssonally think that Kos is......with Kefalos being the best resort if you want peace and quiet and a nice chilled holiday.
    It is also one of the cheapest Greek Islands.......I have a friend who went to Znate in May and was paying 2.5 Euro for a beer this beer is 1.5 Euro.
    I came back from Kefalos at the end of June and the prices where the same as they where last year,apart from the petrol which is now on a par with England
    The most central hotel in the resort of Kefalos is the Kamari bay and although I have never stayed there( we prefer Self Catering).I have friends that have stayed there many times and are still going back there.
    The Kokalakis and Anthonys are also central hotels, but this year they were not signed up with a tour orerator (the demise of Xcel and Libra being the contributory factor)
    I run a forum where you can ask about the resort,hotels and anything else you can think of,or you can just browse through...why not take a look at us.....
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    we are planing a holiday in Kos island but i am not sure about the wetaher. would it be too cold at the end of september???i heard that it is a windy island... is this a truth???
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    Hi it can be windy but it sometime a welcome wind and the only time that it can be a problem is occasionally on the beach if it whips the sand up....but it does not happen very often in my experience I have never found the wind to be a problem and if you are a pool person it very rarely affects you .
    The southeast coast is usually the calmest.
    Which resort will you be going to ?
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    we are planing to take a hotel in Kardamona and after several days relaxing we have a goal to travel a bit through the island. what you advise us to see. that will be the first time in greece :)
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    Kardamena, does tend to be the liveliest resort on the island there are many places that are worth a visit and many trips that you could do to the nearby Islands of Nysiros and Kalyminos......A trip to Zia is always a good experience and I would not miss going to see the peacocks at Plaka .
    For more details of where to go why not come and join my forum .even thoug it is predominently about Kefalos, e have many members that have been all over the sland and visited the other Islands that i have mentioned.
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    Try the Greece vacation search website.

    You simply enter your search criteria and you instantly get the list with all Greek islands that qualify.
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