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Weather in Goa in August/September

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I have an opportunity to visit GOA for the months of August/Sept/October on a House exchange. What kind of weather can I expect. Is it possible to lead a reasonable lifestyle in the monsoon months in GOA. Where can I travel from GOA that is interesting in a day, as I have the use of a car..?

Is it expensive in GOA?


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    Hot and humid - count on it. The monsoons are marketed as romantic, but the weather isn't very pleasant these months, which is why it's off season. The peak tourist season is from December through February.

    A reasonable lifestyle? Certainly, depends on your definition of reasonable! The food is always wonderful (and cheap) throughout the year, as is the alcohol. The beaches are very nice when it isn't raining - wonderfully warm water!
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    The weather on average is around 30ºC over these months but will be wet as rainy season won't end until around October. However when it does rain, it is usually, short and shape. Then sunshine for the rest of the day.
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    I have been there in GOA last summer, and it rocks all the way.. lots of tourist comes to enjoy their holidays so i did.. i like the weather its amazing.. specially the food makes it most amazing.
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    Hey everyone, check out our full travel guide to Goa - your questions on this forum are fed into those pages so readers of the guide can read/answer what goes on here as well!
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    Goa is so seasonal. It will be quiet if you are there out of season, which can be quite appealing to some. Some shops and cafes and restaurants will shut down for the summer months and not re-open until October or later in the season. The package deal season and backpacker season tends to be seen as October through to March. The season peaks in Dec/Jan for the Christmas and New year holidays. Interestingly some beach hut resorts are actually dismantled and rebuilt at the start of each season. It also depends where you are heading in Goa of course. Some parts of Goa 'long-termers' stay in rented houses so it will be busier out of season in these areas.
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    I own a vacation rental under timeshare program with Club Mahindra Varca Beach. They have a RCI Gold Crown Resort in Goa ( with a private beach and all amenities. The Resort has excellent reviews on trip advisor-you can look it up ( Due to work pressures, I have not been able to travel and utilize my membership with Club Mahindra and some of my holiday entitlements are expiring. I am interested in selling a week’s stay in Varca Beach, Goa anytime this year or next (studio apartment with kitchenette). You will have to pay me only after receiving written confirmation from the hotel, in YOUR name. You can also call up and confirm with the hotel before making the payment to me. Please contact me on [email protected] if you are interested
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    I think Dec/Jan is the best time to visit in Goa for vacations.
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    August/Sept/October is generally off season in Goa so you can leas a reasonable life style during this season. There are many interesting places in Goa that you can visit in a day. Beaches, Forts, churches, wildlife and more more are few attraction in Goa. For more about locations of popular places in Goa you may visit this resource:
  • the atmosphere was pretty relaxed and most importantly, neither the beaches nor the popular attractions there were crowded...Agreed that its real off season that time, but I prefer to travel in the off-peak seasons this gives me a chance to be close to what I am there for.
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    It is upto you that how comfortably you want to stay in Goa and how luxurious sightseeing and beach trip you want. FYI A lot of travel agents are here in Indian who can help make your itinerary and manage all the things you want. Better is to go for one and ask for a customized Goa tour package.
  • The Weather in Goa in the months of August and September is very cloudy because of the Monsoons. There is every chance of rain. 
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    The best time to enjoy in Goa is between October to June. In these months you will enjoy rainy season.

  • People will tell you what most tourist literatures do: Best time to
    visit Goa is November to February. But my advice is to go in monsoon. It
    is lush green, there is no tourist crowd the way it is in winter and
    most importantly, you will get dirt cheap holiday packages from amongst a
    whole range of options.
  •   The best time to visit Goa is during winter season, from November to
    March. This is decidedly the peak tourist season of the state.
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    In best time to visit Goa during the month of September middle to December end.During this period weather climate is always good conditions.
  • I think August and September is not suitable for visiting Goa. If you visit Goa in between mid December to mid February that would be best for you.
  • I think its suitable because the swimming and beach parties are organized there in August.If you visit it in cold season so you will not enjoy swimming boating etc like such activities.You may go in August to have a lot of Joy out there.
  • Goa is my all time fav vacation destination, But main pick season in goa is winter and summer. In Monsoon goa is less crowded coz goa is famous for beaches and in monsoon season beaches will be more dangerous. Get detailed information about south goa, information like Geography and climate, Altitude, Area, Best time to visit here, What to carry, etc
  • The avg temp of goa at that time is avg 26 deg. Total rainfall is avg 17 days. i think you can understand the weather.
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