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Visa entry refused to those with Dreadlocks wishing to visit St Kitts/Nevis

edited April 2010 in Caribbean
I tried to book a holiday to St Kitts/Nevis today and was told that because my partner had dreadlocks he would be refused entry into St Kitts/Nevis. Is this legal? The travel agents were extremely surprised and embarrased to read out the requirements.


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    Of course it's not true. St kitts is made up of a population both male & female with dreadlocks. I have dreadlocks & visit st kitts annually. That utter rubbish, I'm afraid you have been misinformed. Go ahead & book your holiday & have a good time, imagine how much compensation you'd get if you we're refused entry. St kitts need the tourist for their economy. They are fantastic warm & friendly people, they only turn away genuine unsavoury characters not people who prefer to have their hair in locs. I'm living testament that what you've been informed is not true. Happy holiday!!!
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