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How to dress while in Tunisia

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I will be going to Tunisia in late July and I know it will be hot, But I have been reading some disscussions on the Dress for women there. Is it true I should not wear shorts or tops thats show my legs and arms? Is there some kind of dress code for women there? I will be on vacation and I want to be comfortable so I dont want to be all covered up! Please help


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    phillygirl - you will feel more comfortable if you dress more modestly and conservatively here! You should not wear shorts or skimpy tops in the street unless you want to cause unwanted attention. I live here, I do not completely cover, but I find that being modest gets me more respect, shows that I am respectful and I get to go to many areas that otherwise wouldn't be suitable. Also, it will be coming up to Ramadan at that time (11 august).

    So to sum up a dress code for foreign women - wear longer skirts and pants, looser tops that are not see through and believe me that you will feel less hot and much more comfortable. Oh, and cotton and natural fibres are better for the hot weather.
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