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Zimbabwean Passport with Indefinite Leave to Remain in UK requirements for Turkey

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I have a Zimbabwean passport but have indefinite leabe to remain in the UK with my British wife. I have already boked a holiday to Turkey for the beginning of July 2010, but my leave expires July 26th 2010. I have been told I must renew 28 days before i.e. a few days before I leave for Turkey.

Any advice???? I don't want to lose the money I have paid for the holiday!


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    Oh my gosh, i'm in almost the same position. I have an indefinite leave to remain in the U.K and i have a holiday with the girls coming up. I don't know if i need a visa but just made an appointment just in case, their appointment wait time is long so i advise you do the can cancel later if you find out you don't need it.
    Just one question though, how does you 'leave expire' because that just sort of defies the whole 'indefinite leave to remain' status which i believe means you can stay in the U.K for however long you wish to...?
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    Me & my bf are going to Turkey on 31/07, i wont hv problems with getting visa in the airport [EU passport] but he has got indefinite leave to remain the the UK and cetrificate of travel valid for another 5 years...when i checked home office web site i found out that there should be no problem in entering the Turkey [certificate of travel looks like british passport, but its brown and he can go to any european countries on it] and travel agent told me that visa can be obtained on the airport in Turkey [£10 each], but when i checked turkish embassy in london web site i found out that holders of travel documents different than passports need to apply for 'consular visa'! Like u said Tindo, appointment list is long and there are no free appt dates b4 our holidays! I am devasteted...can my bf be denied visa in the airport hence we wont be able to go for our holidays? :(

    Could someone answer me pls...
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    I am Algerian, i hold a five year residency as a familymemeber of an EEA national, so my husband is Irish , and UK, . we are going to turkey in the next coming months, we checked their website, it says that algerians need a visa, we called we emailed the turkish consulate in london no answer,. we live in Blefast NI, so how ca iask for a visa if i really need one, will i pay for a flight or what? does anyone knows if i can get the visa at the turkish airport on our arrival! really afraid to risk without knowing all, especially with a baby,,,,,!!!!!!!!!! please help meeeeeeeeeeee
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    According to the MFA website Algerian passport holders cannot get a visa at the airport.

    "Algeria: Ordinary passport holders are required to have visa to enter Turkey. Official passport holders are exempted from visa for their travels up to 90 days."

    I would telephone the consulate in London and then insist that any information is sent to you in writing.

    Postal address:
    Rutland Lodge Rutland Gardens,
    London SW7 1BW,
    United Kingdom

    Telephone: 020 7591 6900
    Fax: 020 75 91 6911

    [email protected]

    Application Times:
    Monday - Friday
    13:30 - 16:30
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    i have a UK Certificate of travel can i get Turkish Visa? some one told me only travel document can apply for visa.

    please someone help me :((((((((
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