Best time to travel to egypt?

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Futher to my other post.... can anyone advise on the best time to travel to Egypt. I gather it gets very hot in summer - which months shoud be avoided??? Sx


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    Avoid the summer - go to Egypt in either the spring or autumn. Summer is uncomforatably hot and sweaty. Mid winter is chilly, except in the south of the country. Of course spring is also the busiest for tourists also... it is also worth avoiding the big religious public holidays as they are busy. I suggest Feb and Nov as the best months...
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    The best time to visit Egypt is November to March when the weather is cooler - but note that this is the high season when prices go up. I actually like the heat, and I love the cheaper prices (hotels less 40 percent) during the quieter, summer months.
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    how cheap is Alexandria in Feb? Some ideas on which sites to visit
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    I would suggest September and March like David suggested... this way you can still enjoy the sun before and after summer. September will be best though..
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    Hi Suzie,

    Antoinette again from Champion Tours. I agree with Cornishman & David to visit Egypt in Winter & Spring. We can say from October till April. May is the cheaper time to travel to Egypt.
    For more information, Send me an e-mail to
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    Hi, can I please have an idea of basic prices in the high season nov-march
    Meals drinks (alcoholic) accommodation & transport (bus, train taxi etc)
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    Hi Aus,

    Prices differ depending on many items:-
    1-The period you like to visit Egypt. However, the high season for tourists starts from October till April, there are some peak periods like Christmas & New Year period, Easter Period.
    2-Number of persons. Of course, rate decrease in case of groups rather than the individuales.
    3-Type of accommodation, Hotels & Nile Cruise Category. 5* or 4* or 3*
    So If you like to visit Egypt, send me an e-mail showing your preferred time for the visit & I can help you for the itinerary, the quotation, reserving hotels & Nile Cruise for your acommodation, arranging for Egyptologist Guide, Transportation by private A/C Vans, in addition to night parties and shows.
    Contact me at

    Best Regards,
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    Antoinette - since you live in Egypt, can you tell us how much these items cost:
    * Can of Coke
    * Bottle of beer
    * Pack of cigarettes
    * Average meal for two
    * Taxi ride from airport into town
    * 3 star hotel room\
    This would be really useful to know!
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    Hi David,

    If you buy your needs from local markets, it doesn't cost much than from touristic resturants. for examble, a Can of Coca costs 2.50 L.E in supermarkets while amounts to 25.00 LE in the touristic restaurants.
    Bottle of beer for 35 LE.
    Pack of cigarettes strats from 5.00 to 15 L.E
    As for the taxi drive from the airport to hotels in Down Town, it costs around 20 $. while If you need a Private A/C Van with personal tour leader to meet and assist you will pay 35 USD.
    3* Hotels in normal periods in Cairo costs $ 25 per person in a double room, $ 40 for a single room.

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    I keep seeing EGP inregards to currency how many EGP's are in the LE?

    Also are the trains a good and safe way to travel between Cairo and Alexandria?
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    Dear Tina,
    I 'm Antoinette. Sorry for the delay in responce. Mr. David asked me for prices of some beverages in Egypt so I replied with our own cuurency Which is Egyptian Pound. one Dollar equals around 5.20 Egyptian Pounds.
    Yes, Trains in Egypt are safe & clean but it is commonly used to Luxor & Aswan as it is a long distance of 10 to 12 hours. but It is common to use A/C Van from Cairo to Alexandria which takes around two & half hours per way.
    If you like a package trip in Egypt, I have the pleasure to arrange for it. please contact me at
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    dear Antionette
    we are going to harghada in a few weeks would it be bettre to book a day trip to luxor when we get there or book from the uk thankyou lorraine
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    Does anyone know if mental health services are availabe outside of the hospital setting? Any psychologists or therapists in private practice or even clinics will do? Does anyone have resources or directories? I've been looking for a while with no results. Thanks in advance!
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    Hello Lainy,
    I'm Antoinette, have the pleasure to offer you a praivate day tour in Luxor from Hurghada by A/C Van.
    I need some information.
    -Which day you will decide to make visit to Luxor ???
    -How many persons will go on the trip with you ???
    -Where will you stay in Hurghada ??? Please send me the hotel's name...
    If you don't mind to contact me by e-mail, that would be better. that's my mail:

    Below is the itinerary:-
    -At 07.00 AM, Private transfer from your hotel in Hurghada to the nice city of Luxor escorted by your Egyptologist Guide. (04 hours)
    -Visit The Temples and Necropolises Built To Commorate The Dead
    -The Valley Of The Kings .You Have The Chance To Visit 3 Tombs With Extra Fee For Visiting Tutankhamon Tomb.
    -Mortuary Temple Of Queen Hatshepsut (Deir El Bahari)
    -Gigantic Colossi Of Memnon (Remains Of Amunhotep III Temple)
    -Lunch Included (Vegetarian If Needed).
    -Excursion To Luxor Temple To See Its Courtyard &The Granite Statues Of Ramses II. Proceed To Karnak Which Is a Series Of Temples Built In Different Ages. Starting By The Avenue Of Ram-Headed Sphinxes, Visit The Unfinished Pylon , The Hypostyle Hall With Its 134 Gigantic Columns ,Temple Of Amun Adorned With Lotus & Papyrus Designs.
    -At 18.00 PM, Back to Hurghada & drop you off again in your hotel escorted by your guide.
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    HI, my friends ask me to join them for Egypt tour in December. May i know if this one of the best time to travel ? Thanks. Vivi
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    I am planning to go to Sharm El Sheik on Dec 31st till Jan 14th can anyone tell me what the weather is like then ? Thanks
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    The best time to travel to Egypt is around October to Feb. Is is not soo hot.

    You can find more information on

    Best regards
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    Dear Angie

    Peak travel season in Egypt runs from mid October to May, and this is the best time to visit. As you will notice, the tourist season is during winter and spring, but this is also the high season, and prices go up at this time of year. Some hotels can be really expensive, and because of this, I would advise prior reservations for all hotels before you come, even the budget hotels.

    From May until October, the temperatures are fairly high, especially in Luxor and the southern parts of the country, yet summer offers a time to see Egypt in relative peace and quite. It is a huge advantage being able to see the tourist sites without hassle from school children, or from the crowds of tourists. Imagine, piece and quiet to take photographs, without strangers obscuring the view!

    Best Regards
    Mona Shawky
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    Angie, im taking my 17 year old daughter to egypt and jordan in march or april.Is april a good time or is march better? Also Im really concerned about safety. Is it safe or is the media blowing it out of proportion?
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    dear Antionette

    I plan to go early Jan and how many days you think is enough to cover the pyramid itself? My holiday start 25/12-9/1 and I plan to visit Lebonan - best time visit Lebonan is during Christmas. Do I need to apply the visa or I can get visa upon arrival, I am Malaysian citizen. Thanksss.....

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    hi i am going to luxor at end of may can you give me an idea of the temperature and what the prices are like many thanks
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    Hi Jerry ,

    Iam Marian from Egypt , i prefer April as in march the weather is unstable also to avoid any sand storm . Egypt is a safe country so don't worry , for more information or any help contact me at

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    Hi Les ,

    The temperature will be from 25 to 30 degrees as it's the begining of the summer and it will start to be hot at this time but not too hot , if you like the heat you will enjoy it and for the prices it depends on the type of the accommodation you want , if you need more information contact me at

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    check my website , you will find all what you are looking for in Egypt .

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    Hi, I'm taking my doughter to Cairo in June of this year 2010. Is this a safe time for that. She is studying History in Collage and picked this town for her class.
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    Hi ,

    Egypt is very safe country but by the end of june the weather will be too hot as it's the summer time .

    if you have any more questions or you need any help .

    you can contact me at .

    Have a nice trip .

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    hi i love egypt i'm from thailand and i want to go egypt and i know i can get visa at airport only $ 15 but do i need to do some thing else or not any one please help me
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    Hi ,

    you are welcome , as you said you will just get the visa for 15 4 at the airport , you don't need anything else . if you need any help or more information , contact me at

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    thanks marian

    under the law i need to get visa for $15 and i no need to have egyptian come to wait for me at airport?

    and that visa can stay for how many day in egypt? please give me answer.

    thank you
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    I'm thinking of going to Egypt in April, with 16 month old daughter. We're going to stay in an all inclusive hotel and I'm wondering if it's possile to take an organised tour to cairo, y plane and how much it would cost. Does anyone know?



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