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Best time to travel to egypt?



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    Staying in Egypt from October to May can be costly affair. This time of the year the amount of tourists that visit Egypt gets doubled, so hotel and other places tend to increase their prices. It’s always better to book hotel room or rental car as early as possible.
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    From December to the end of March it is winter but a mild one. It is sunny at day time with about 12-18 degrees. At night it is cool with about 7-10 degrees.
    In April it is spring, but on the warm side. May is summer but pleasant.
    In june it is mild summer with sudden heat waves.
    July and August is hot with 38 degrees during the day and a bit less at night.
    September, October and November a touch of the summer is still there but bearable.
    In Sharm it is always more hot than Cairo.
    Enjoy your trip.
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    hi i am going to sharm in feb kids half term. which is the best hotel to stay in which is near the beach, every hotel i have seen have VERY VERY bad rewiews the good hotels have very steep stair and lots of them. i want all inclusive. I want to go and see the piraminds in a plane but it sounds very costly. We are 4 adults and 3 kids aged 10, 8and 4. What else is there to see and do which is child friendly, my mom is scared of boat rides so is there any excertions that involve this. How much spending money should i take (we dont drink alcohal).
    Is the weather nice in feb? And someone told me that old sharm is not very nice and where ever you go you keep needing a visa. And finally is there a mosque everywhere where my dad can pray his namaz. Thankyou so much who ever replys. xxxx
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    hi its me again just wanted to know is the food halal in egypt. And on the trips too? thanks
  • sure the food is halal in Egypt
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    yes its halal
  • Hi Nadia, weather in the winter season starting from october till April is very nice in Egypt especially resorts on the Red Sea like Sharm el Sheikh.
    I suggest to stay in Naama bay (Tropicana Rosetta and Jasmine club). it is located second line on the beach and it is all inclusive hotel with very good service and reasonable prices. you can contact me if you like to book.
    As you are on a low budget and like to visit Cairo to see the pyramids, we can arrange this trip by bus. you are 7 persons so the cost will be reasonable than the flight. besides, you can fly to Luxor and spend 4 nights on 5* nile cruise with very special prices.
    Sharm el Sheikh now contains many restaurants and supermarkets selling products at its normal prices, so don't worry at all.
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    What is the minimum stay recommended for a first time visitor to Egypt to cover the Valley of the Kings, the Pyramids, the Sphinx and the temples of Luxor and Karnak including a Nile cruise? We are planning during the week of March 11th, 2012. How safe is the country for tourism currently?
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    can anyone tell me whats the temperature range like in egypt in september? i'm on a low budget travel plan, planning an egypt trip around september. also, if anyone could tell me, will peak season rates apply in september too? and i'd be really grateful if anyone could give an estimate at how much a 7 day trip should cost for a group of 04 adults (excluding to and fro airfare to egypt), covering the best of the visit places.

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    Is it safe to travel nowadays in Egypt?
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    Egypt is much more attractive from another countries & In Summer Season the weather is very hot but at night is might be cold & very enjoyable moments.
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    There is growing unrest in major cities in Egypt. Red Sea resort areas like Sharm el-Sheikh should be fine, but I would be wary of planning a holiday to Cairo in the near future as riots are a common occurrence at present
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    Thanks. We are American visitors and are definitely postponing our visit to another year what with the kidnapping at
    Sharm el-Sheikh and the unrest around Cairo. Hope things get back to normal soon.
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    Shar, hope all is well. I see your comment about postponing your visit to Egypt. Really that is such a shame, despite these things that happen, there is thousands upon thousands of tourists in Egypt on a daily basis.

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    hi I'm a Muslim taken kids to sharm el shiekh.have booked all inclusive in 5*sea club resort, but now I'm hearing too many scary stories...that it's not suitable for muslims as there are too many clubbing, women in bikinis.....
    can some one give me some information ?
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    The best time to visit Egypt is from October to May. Though it is the peak travel season, when most travellers come, the temperatures are a lot better for those not used to the heat. Within these 8 months there are 2 periods of what are known as “High Season” (the Christmas/New Year period and the Easter Period) when hotels and cruises will put their prices up, though you will find that special events like Gala Dinners are also laid on for their customers. This can mean that some hotels become really expensive and so making your reservations very early, even for the budget hotels, is strongly advised

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    Misclara yes is the best choose to visit Egypt during The New Year i will make for you special Trip in Nile Cruise just contact me at [email protected] i'm sure you will found your Need

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    @ S.A yes everthing is normal in Egypt don't Hear a lot for the News hehehehe you can visit egypt anytime with any clothes nothing can tell you something jyst contact me at [email protected] for take more information and make you wonderful trip

    waiting your soon reply
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    @ shar everthing is well here don't worry dont hear a lot for the news im travel agency here in Egypt at we work very well with a lot of tourism

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    for take the information and prepare for you Nice and amazing trip

    Waiting you Soon
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    @ wbrains yes is 100% safe don't worry just send your request and you will see by urself PS: don't hear a lot for the News

    just contact me at [email protected]

    waiting your soon reply
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    I do not know if you are still interested in knowing the best time to travel to Egypt, but I believe that it is best to go during April-May, as the weather is not that hot as during the summer. The fall can also be a good period to go, but it depends on what do you look for exactly. Here a website where I found more information about weather in each of the seasons Maybe you'll be able to decide. Have fun and let us know how it went!
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    Best time to
    visit Egypt in fall (Sept –Nov) and in spring (Feb-Apr). It is the peak travel
    season when most travelers come. Temperatures are a lot better for those not
    used to the heat. 

  • I'd say the summer. Although it's incredibly hot, not many tourist come during that time of year. Egypt is nice any time of year, but if you don't want to be crowded i'd try the hotter months.

  • The best time to visit Egypt is from October through April, especially if you wish to see Egypt's ancient sights like the Pyramids of Giza, the Temples of Luxor and Abu Simbel. If you want great deals on tours and you don't mind blazing hot weather, then visit Egypt in June or September. If you're really brave, head there in July and August, but book a place with a pool and a room with AC.I have gone to Egypt with my friends on last September. First we have contacted with, a tour operator in Eilat, Israel. It provide us everything, what we needed in our travelling time.
  • Egypt is famous for its ancient civilization.Giza pyramids, the Great Sphinx and the ancient temples of Luxor are world's famous monments.
  • Hi I will be coming to Egypt the last week of August and first week September can anybody tell me if this is a busy time to visit Luxor and Aswan I will be going on the presidential Nile tour.
  • Does anybody know if champion tours do holidays for UK holiday makers because on their web site all holidays are in Dollars.
  • @glynfell60

    As most governments are warning against all but essential travel to Egypt tourism to Egypt has dropped dramaticaly. None of the major worldwide tour operators are flying to
    offering holidays to Egypt?

    The Egyptian government state that revenue from tourism is down by 95% which means low numbers of tourists.
    If you are British dont you read the news? Google the government website Egypt FCO

    Champion Tours is an Egyptian tour operator thats why the fees are in dollars they deal with any nationality

  • Hello all,

    I had visited Egypt on the month of December-2015. before booking my trip package I had contacted some travel agency & all are suggested me to start my trip between the month of September to April because on that time period the weather is normal than other months. As Egypt is one of the desert area normally the weather is hot except the month from September to April.So according to me, travel between this months is better for all. After that, I booked my trip through Mantis tourism & enjoyed a lot. One more thing Egypt is really a nice destination to travel.
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