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Visiting Nozha Beach in Tunisia

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Hi going to Tunisia for the first time the first week of June. Have booked Nozha Beach, has anyone been there,would be grateful for some advice.


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    Debi - I've not hear of this - which area is it in and then I can try to help you
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    Hi Lesley

    Its in hammamet. Hope this is of help
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    Debi - I was in Hammamet this week but I didn't see the hotel you ask about. Hammamet itself is very nice beach area with loads of things to do. did you book through the internet or with a travel agent? If with an agent then I think it should be ok. Just be aware though that our star rating is not the same as Europe and a 4* is more like a 3* and so on. I am sorry I can't help you further but you could check on some of the travel websites which may give you more information and some reviews. Try looking at and Sorry I can't give you more information
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