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coming to tunisia in june for our honeymoon

hi me and hubby to be have booked a week al in pek in june for your honeymoon we intened to just chill out and relax but i was thinking we could do a trip something really special that i could surpise hubby with does any one have any ideas also im a bit worried about how much money to bring annd i have been told money works a bit like 2.50 to our 1.00 is this right cant wait lesley ur comments have really helped thanks so much and if any one can help me out that would be great thanks mrs-cummings-to -be x


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    Mabrouk and I hope you will have a wonderful honeymoon! PEK is very lovely and you will enjoy your time there I am sure. For surprises why not try a night in the Sahara - it is really beautiful (although during the day it will be very hot) but lying watching the stars is a very wonderful thing to experience. You could also think about a day trip to Tataouine or Matmate where the Star Wars were filmed. Very interesting and historic Berber areas.

    Tunisia is very cheap for English tourists and you will find your money goes quite far. I hate telling people how much money to bring and of course it depends on what you want to do and see. I guess living the 'high' life here would be anywhere from TD80.000 to TD100.000 per day!! But you can get by on much much less. the hotel can arrange any excursions you want to take and they are quite reasonable.

    I hope that I have helped!!
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    Hi Lesley,
    I am looking at coming to Tunisia for our honeymoon in August. Just wondering where you think is the best resort which isn't too touristy, but near everything we might want to see? Sorry to be vague about the requirements, but haven't got a clue. Also would like to splash out on the hotel (as it is our honeymoon) so would like a little bit of luxury, do you have any recommendations?
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    Hi Chands,

    How about looking at Port el Kantaoui. It is close to some great sites and locations. Even though PEK is a purpose built tourist area, it is very lovely, clean with some great restaurants and bars. They have some fabulous hotels - but, I hate making recommendations. There are a number of 5* there, some with spas and all are right on the beach. You can explore the region easily from here using the louages or a private driver or taxis (which are cheap). You can get to the capital Tunis for the day on the bus and visit the other areas nearby.

    Please also remember that August is very, very hot here and Ramadan begins on 11/12 August this year. It won't affect you very much in a tourist area but outside in local villages etc you will not find restaurants or very much open during the hottest part of the day. But once the sun goes down, we eat and then go out - so you will find it quite lively at night. You will be able to have alcohol at the hotels but not many other places at this time of the year.

    I do hope you will enjoy your honeymoon
  • I am hoping to book a visit in May. I have 2 boys aged 12 and 6, they both love the beach and I would like to book a hotel/apartment close to the beach. I am concerned that there may be topless ladies on the beach (I experienced this in turkey when visiting with friends). I would really like to avoid the possibility of this happening as it will cause a great deal of embarrassment to my boys not to mention both my husband and me. I have read on other forums about ladies walking to the shops topless!!! I have always wanted to visit Tunisia but this is making me reconsider. Please can you advise me of the situation. Are there some places where it is more likely to be happening e.g. the more touristy areas if so can you please advise so i know which areas to avoid. I like the look of Yasmine but don't know if this area will be very busy in may. can you also let me know what the weather will be like in may is it warm enough to go into the sea.

    much appreciated

    thanking you kindly
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    Many hotels in Tunisia have private sections of the beach for the hotel residents and you will find topless sunbathers around the pool and on the hotel beach.
    You are obviously not well travelled, but I can assure you that topless sun bathing is acceptable throughout, Europe, Turkey, Tunisia, the Caribean. USA, Australia and New Zealand and lots of other countries. 

    Tunisia is a lovely country and well worth a visit, the Yasmine residence apartments are slap bang in the town centre and a long walk to the beach. no pool and in my opinion not suitable for children.  Les Maison de la Mer or Les Maisons des Jardin may be more suitable.

    I find your attitude to the human body very sad. Your boys are embarrassed because you have passed on your uptight victorian ideas. No one takes any notice of topless sunbathers, children don't stand and stare they get on with enjoying themselves unless they have parents with your outlook on life.

  • I did not ask you to make comments on my personal attitude thank you very much!!!
    And I did not ask you to pass judgement on the way I decide to raise my boys!!!
    I would like to be able to walk along a beach and not have to be faced with a half naked women.
    Are you telling me that you would feel comfortable walking along a beach that had lots of topless women not to mention men in G strings with yr sons, husband, father, brothers ????
    All I needed from you was information about whether there are likely to be lots of topless ladies on all public beaches or more in the touristy areas and if so which beaches to avoid and advise in the best area to visit.
    If there is someone else who could advise I would appreciate it as I find Alethia attitude quite rude and judgemental. I hope all Tunisians are not like this
  • I am not Tunisian I am British and have lived, worked, and travelled extensively to many countries. I do not have the same hang ups as you and have worked in countries where it is normal for the woman of that country to walk about topless as is the custom of that country.

    No it would not bother me in the slightest if a woman had no top on,or a man wore a g string  nor would it bother my family who thankfully do not share your out dated attitudes. My parents began travelling abroad in the 1950s and 1960s and did not share your old fashioned ideas even then. Its called live and let live.

    I gave you good advice, you just ignored it be cause you are so uptight about the human body.

    Lesley who lives in Tunisia may be along soon and perhaps she can tell you where you and your family can avoid topless females and men in budgie smugglers !
  • I hate to disagree but you have not given me any advise none at all just made judgments and been very rude.
    I chose Tunisia as it is Muslim country and therefore I thought it would be less likely that half naked women would be walking around as is not the custom of that country that is why I did not consider Spain France etc...
    I hope Linda is able to give me some actual advise that will be useful
  • Tunisia is a muslim country and a large amount of its income is derived from tourism. For your information Turkey is also a muslim country, Both Tunisia and Turkey are secular countries and allow tourists to behave as they would in their own countries within in reason and within the law.

    Shows you dont read what I have written the members name is Lesley not Linda.
  • Look I don't know what your problem is you seem to have a huge chip on your shoulder nothing you have said had been useful to me I will give you some advise be a little less abrupt in your replies and refrain from making judgements about people. You know nothing about me except that I do not want to my children to be exposed to half naked ladies waking around the beach.
    From this you have surmised that
    • I am not well travelled
    • my attitude to the human body is sad
    • I have outdated Victorian ideas
    • my attitude is outdated
    • I am uptight about the human body
    If you read my original post you will see that I did not asked to be judged on my attitudes or how I decide to raise my children not did I ask you to educate me as to whether tunisa/ turkey are Muslim countries or not it may surprise you but I was aware if that!!!!
    In addition as you say you are not from Tunisia so I don't think you are in a position to know anyway!!!! You have just told me things I knew already I was hoping to get a reply from someone who actually knows what they are talking about from experience so maybe someone who knows about beaches that tourists don't visit so often or those that the local people would be happy to go to.
    On other forums I have visited and having read responses from LESLEY who does seem to know what she's talking about. People suggest that ladies dress modest to respect local customs and traditions you seem to be the only one who seems to think that half naked people are very welcome in Tunisia
  • Goodness me, what a rant. We are talking about the BEACH. not people walking around naked in the streets of Tunisia.
    I know Tunisia very well actually, I have relatives living there and have been visiting for twenty years.
    You need to go somewhere like MAHDIA where you may find a quiet beach with no topless ladies. Sousse and Hammamet may have too many lewd people for your taste.
  • Firstly I felt compelled to rant!!! Your approach in dealing with people is very judgemental and highly offensive
    And if YOU had read my post you would see that I did in fact express concerns that people have posted on other websites that ladies were seen to be walking to shops topless...
    And hip hip hurray FINALLY you have actually made a suggestion which may be useful MAHDIA ... That's all I needed a suggestion of someplace that may be quieter and less touristy.
  • If you're this shrill, judgmental, unappreciative and rude in real life then I fee sorry for the people who have to deal with you daily.

    Carry on.
  • Sorry CheersTerry are you referring to myself or Alethia
  • I'm referring to you. I've never seen such a series of crazy, rude rants. Calm down and act like a grown up.

  • Well CheersTerry when I asked that question I did not realise you were a colleague of Allethias... Bit lets see if you can be objective ... Kindly read my first post and highlight where I have been "shrill, judgemental, unappreciative or rude" then read the response I got from your co-worker and can you honestly say hand on heart that it isn't judgemental and rude.
  • Tranquilo. We have very different outlooks on life. You should accept the fact that not everyone on this planet is as fundamentalist as you are and that if you decide to travel that you can't expect everyone to keep to your narrow views. Learn to accept advice and research extensively so you won't be surprised by the modern world.

    Good luck.

  • Tranquilo???? What??? Who???
    Firstly what makes me a fundamentalist???? Like seriously???
    You seem to have the same problem as your co-worker... Reding way too much between the lines...
    Where for example have I suggested that anyone should keep my views??? I never said people should not go topless simply that I do not want to be there when they are
    Also what makes you assume that I am not aware if the modern world??? You know nothing about me except the fact that I would rather holiday somewhere where there are not loads of topless ladies!!!

    And can I just say ...
    It speaks VOLUMES that you didn't actually answer the questions I posed to you in my previous post!!!
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    What in the world are you ranting about now? I have no co-worker on this forum. What does that even mean? I am just another poster who loves to travel so please keep those paranoid fantasies to yourself. Thanks.

    Have a nice holiday.

  • There are no co-workers on this is not a company. Terry and I live on different continents we simply contribute our knowledge and expertise.

  • I do apologise I presumed as you were an "expert" you were in some way hired to dole out advise.... But no both you n Alethia are not qualified in any way to be so high n mighty... Both of you have made judgements about me and my personality and outlook on life. I could easily do the same to you but I have refrained.

    Im not sure I have seen much evidence of knowledge or expertise from either if you unless it is to actually try n look down upon people, patronise, be judgmental and rude

    I note that still you fail to answer my questions Terry!!! Think il take that to mean you agree that I was totally reasonable in my original post and the response I got was unacceptable full of judgement and rudeness, which led to me responding in a similar fashion.
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    "... I note that still you fail to answer my questions Terry!!!..."

    I do not engage with shrill, hysterical, judgmental people. If you can calm down and carry on an adult discussion then I'm happy to participate. Until then I'm outta here.

    All the best to you and good luck with your trip.


  • Ha ha seriously lol
    I have to say that I have shown a great deal of restraint in not being judgmental unlike you. I fail to see where I have been shrill or hysterical I feel I had every right to be cross when spoken to with such disrespect...
    And I reiterate that failure to answer speaks volume...
    I do not need to carry on any kind of conversation with you as I do have a life and the only reason I came on this forum to get some advise not argue with people who appear to have nothing better to so with their time
  • Ok people, let's all calm down. I respect everyone's right to their own personal preferences so won't pass judgement or comment.

    Hertsnflowers, nudity is not a huge thing here, it is in the very touristique hotels but those who like to exhibit their bits can and do. However, I have some suggestions as to where you can go without seeing those bits. Firstly as Alethia has said Mahdia is very beautiful and a lot less tourists that some of the other beach spots. Also Nabeul which is not far from Hammamet but seems like millions of miles away. It is very calm and quiet and not inundated with tourists normally. Good hotels and lots to see and do around the area. The other area I love (cos I live there) is Bizerte. The beaches here are the best in the north and we don't have many tourists. It's a place for the locals and we don't do nude. There is a lot to see and do here and you can get about very easily and we are only 60km from the airport.

    If you would like any further ideas or advice please just let me know
  • Thankyou so much Lesley, your advise is really useful... I'm a little busy at the moment but hopefully later on in the week I Will research the places you have suggested I like the sound of " the best beaches in the north" already!!! You say there is a lot to see and do... What kinds of things???
    Also last thing ... How warm might it be in May will we be able to go in the sea, will we need jumper/ coats for the evening
    Thankyou for yr help much appreciated
  • Herts - well from Bizerte it is an easy 40min louage (shared car) into Tunis capitol. You can discover the ancient souq, the medina (old city) and the kasbah. Some great coffee places and restaurants and you can picnic in the beautiful gardens. You can also get to Cap Serrat the tip of the north with the most beautiful beach area surrounded by cliffs. You can go to Carthage where you will find the famous Roman site.  Travel a few kilometres for the beach at RafRaf or Ras el Jebel all beautiful and typically for Tunisians.  I can fill in a month for you!!!  May is getting warm but the nights can still be a little cool.  It is a good idea to bring layers than a thick coat.
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