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Hania Holidays - best sightseeing

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I'm taking a 2-week trip to Hania this summer and I hear there's some really good sightseeing. I want to know if Samaria Gorge is worth the trip (i hear it's a bit of a schlep) and also the white mountains in general? Otherwsie while I'm in Hania Town what other attractions are there besides the Orthodox churches and the harbour?


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    The archaeological museum, military museum, maritime museum, covered market, old town with Venetian architecture, cafe bars, clubs, excellent shopping, live music, and city walls.

    Samaria Gorge is only one of many gorges in the west of Crete. It can only be accessed from the northern end and you have to get a ferry to Sfakia and make your way back. Guided tours are the best option unless you have a volunteer to drive around an pick you up. If you fancy a shorter walk the Imbros Gorge is popular and nowhere near as difficult or time consuming.

    The White Mountains cover a very large area and can be dangerous if you walk unaccompanied and are injured or run out of water. Do be selective if you are walking and try to keep to marked routes (there are plenty). Always carry your mobile phone and let someone know where you are going and when you expect to be back.

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