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Restaurants in Bodrum

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I'm going to Bodrum in early May but I hear that lots of restaurants are only open in peak season? is this true?
I'm a total foodie and I really want to experience some real authentic Turkish cuisine but I'm scared that the best restaurants will be closed when i'm there in May. Can anyone give me some recommendations so that i can find out if they're open or not?
Appreciate the help


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    Don't worry too much - most places aim to open their doors by the 1st May at the latest! You may find restaurants a bit quieter than usual though.
    For a great eating experience especially if you like fish go into Gumusluk (dolmus from Bodrum bustation, runs every half hour). All along the sea front are various fish restaurants. Do however ask the price of the fish first as it is sold by weight.
    In Bodrum there are a lot of little kebab/pide/kofte places on ataturk street - that's the street that runs parallel with the main shopping and bar street. In Bodrum market place (above the bus station) there's some really good reasonably priced lokanta!
    Bear in mind that a lot of places especially on bar street cater for the hoards so unless you really are craving "English" breakfast, fish and chips or a Sunday roast these are best avoided as they are pretty pricey as they have a captive audience!
    If you like sweet things have afternoon tea at Mado - on the main shopping street in Bodrum but has a terrace overlooking the castle behind - here you'll get to taste the fabulous baklava and various other sticky cakes, ice cream.
    Hope you have a great time
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    Just about everything will be open in May. Don't miss dining at a restaurant called Gemibasi for totally authentic Turkish cuisine. Also splurge and visit the Denizhan restaurant - this is a wonderful experience but don't allow the waiters to bring you things that you haven't ordered if you don't want them (it is standard practice but you have the right to refuse). It isn't Turkish but a fabulous restaurant is Cafe Piu just in the center of Bodrum.
    Happy dining!
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    One of the best restaurants in the area for decent reasonably priced Turksih food is Zetas Seray in the neighbouring resort of Gumbet. You can get a dolmus there from the bus station and they run every 10 minutes or so. The fare is about 2.5 lira each way. The locals always recommend this restaurant and eat there themselves
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    Thanks Clare, that's great info.
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    I would say one of the best restaurants in the centre of Bodrum is Sungar pizza. It may not sound particularly Turkish. However they sell a great range of traditional Turkish food for you to enjoy. It is one of the best value restaurants on the whole of the Bodrum peninsular. Check out the following site for more details;
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