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Dubai visa information: questions and answers

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hi. i would just like to know about getting a visa for Dubai. i have my airline and hotel booked on line and the hotel doesnt do visas as they don't have a licence to.
i am a south African living and working in Ireland. there is no embassy in Ireland so how do i obtain a tourist visa


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    hey there,
    the only way you can a visit visa to Dubai is through a travel agency or a hotel, i suggest u change ur hotel or consult a travel agent
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    Hi, I hold a South African passport and I am currently living in the UK married to a Swiss National. We would like to visit Dubai for a five day holiday. What are the visa requirements? I have heard that I am able to get a visa on arrival if I have my airline tickets and a booked hotel. Is there any truth in this and would it be easier to apply for a tourist visa at the Embassy in the UK?

    Thanks for your comments
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    Hi Tracy,
    try applying for the visa via emirates airline.You just need to fly with them and they can make a 14 days transit visa for you.
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    Hi there, I am a Indian Citizen. I am due to receive a Spouse Visa and then join my husband in the UK. Before going to the UK I will meet up with my husband for our honeymoon in Dubai and hope to stay there for 1 week. My husband is able to receive a Visa from Emirates airline but how should I proceed in regards to Visa regulations. I am in Indian Citizen but my spouse is a British Citizen (not sure if this helps!). Many thanks
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    Hi, I live in Dubai and my fiance lives in Lebanon....He will come and visist Dubai for a few days then we are planning our trip to Thailand for December and were hoping to fly out of Dubai.

    How will the visa work, Lebanon - Dubai - thailand.....???

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    What is the procedure for visa from mumbai to dubai for 6 days trip -along with family .Stay will be with relatives . Which airlines is better
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    Dear Sir.

    with reference that I am M.A.Iqthedar since last 2 years I am in Dubai with employment visa from Dubai,I came to India on annual vacation on April 22,2009,after vacation I did'nt go back to dubai due to some problems,actually my visa validity is March 2010.

    So, is there any chances to come duabi after this situation.

    Thanks & Regards
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    Anyone that needs a Visa i have had very good experiance with Europe Emirates Consultancy, I gladly reccomend them
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    Thank you for your nice comments Emirates

    We also do Residency Visas and Low cost Company formations, anyone needing these services please contact us on [email protected]
    or go to our website
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    Dear M.A.Iqthedar

    You probably have a Ban, we are able to check this for you and should you do have a ban we are able to regularise it for you.

    Contact us on [email protected]
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    I visit dubai till 15 oct 2009 and i returned on 15 oct 2009 to india,

    and i hav exit stamp on my passport for 15-10-09,

    I want to know can i again apply for visa for 7th nov 2009 because somebody told me i can only apply visa after one month and my last visit is only for 5 days for the same exit date 15-10-09 please reply.

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    I am flying from China to the UK, via Dubai (i will not leave the airport). Will I need to get a visa for this stop over in Dubai?
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    My husband is in abu-dhabi and i would just like to know about getting a visa for abu-dhabi.
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    I am Indian citizen residing in UK on study visa which is going to end by AUG 2010 so I want to go to Dubai to search a job after my studies so can I apply Dubai visa from UK or I have to go back to India and apply. If I can apply from UK how long its going to take, I have my family friends in Dubai and what is the procedure to apply can some one help me with all doc., required and fee thank you..
    With Regards
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    please tell us information about visa for Georgian citizens to Dubai.
    Where we can get a visa and how much will it cost?
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    I want to know the exprie date of my dubai tourist visa
    Entry permit no. 43469273/2009/204
    Date & place of Issue 27-Nov-2009
    Enter dubai 04-Dec-2009
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    Report post already, but no answer. How can i get the answer of my question?
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    usually the travel agent or hotel can arrange visa for your travel. visit you get all the information about, visa, required countries etc
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    All the Dubai you need is in our Dubai city guide and also lots of info in our Dubai expat guide
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    Hi There,

    I invited frineds and relatives from India and South Africa few times from these guys and were very helpful and quick in service.

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    i would just like to know about getting VISA for dubai. i am INDIAN, wright now i am in thailand for visit with my wife and small daughter. suddenly i decide to travel dubai for few days. so, how do i obtain a tourist visa.
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    hardeep: go the the United Arab Emirates Embassy in Bangkok and apply for your visa to Dubai. (It might seem like a crazy idea but it just might work).

    82 Seng Thong Thani Building, 32nd Floor, North Sathorn Road
  • if you ar booking your flights with Emirates they can easly assist you.
    any other airline the just to the embassy and it might take 3 to 5 working days
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    hi i m 22yrs a pakistani resident having green card can i get a tourist visa of dubai ?
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    Good Day!

    I would like to inquire about your transit visa im here in Amman Jordan,Im planning to go in Dubai by end of this year, I would like to know the processing of the transit visa,Im a Filipina and employed here in Jordan,and whats the requirements and the fee for and the arrangement of my visa and the ticket only how much would be possible if ever. Im staying with some friend of mine in there apartment,all i want to know the visa and the ticket.
    Looking forward for your reply many thanks

    +962 799873567
    Jordan Valley
    [email protected]
  • Please visit

    Here you will get information
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    I have visited Dubai on holiday with my spouse in the mid Feb-10 by Emirates. During our visit, we have got the Compensation ticket from Emirates valid for one year. This time we are planning to visit along with our son in may or june-10. but since he was issued passport for 5 years(being minor), it is going to expire on 28.09.2010. As per DVPL site, minimum validity required on the passport is six months for applying Visa. Being minor and travelling with us, whether he will be given considered for the Visa and entry to Dubai?
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    HI there,
    I am travelling to Dubai in October and need to arrange a visa. Unfortunately i found out too late that Virign doesnt assist with visas. I am also visiting my friends which means i am not staying in a hotel. At the same time they cant sponsor me as her husband is the only one who is working at the moment and he cant be my sponsor as he is male and i am female. Could any one please recommend an agent who would help me with visa without paying for a hotel?
    Many thanks in advance!
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    Hello Madel
    You will be required Dubai transit visa, for those requirements are given below-
    Document requirements:
    • Passport first and last page scanned copy
    • Latest photo (passport size) with white background
    • Current visa page copy
    • Employee id card copy
    Process time is 3-4 working days and you can also get this within 24 hrs time after paying express service charges.
    Call us ..IN +91.9414066063
    [email protected]
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    hi i would like to know what prosses i should follow to get my visa for Dubai I am a South African citizen currently working in the netherlands. does anyone know of an agency or hotel that does niot ask for a security deposit? i want to stay in Dubai for 5 days and will be staying in a hotel for 2 and the rest with my fiance. i have seriously tried a lot of companies. some can help me but then i can only get a visa for 4 days. my flight is with pegasus airlines.
  • hello to everyone. Can someone tell me if i need visa From Georgia To Lebanon. I have georgian passport. If Someone knows please help. really need it. Thank you!
  • According to the information provided by the Lebanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Georgians are granted a visa
    on arrival at Beirut International Airport
    Enjoy your trip
  • Hy Me my baby and husband travelling to pakistan visa dubai they both are British but I have Pakistani passport.
    We booked hotel in dubai and applied for online 96days transit visa and yesterday I got an email that you got a visa.but for some reasons today I hv change the hotel for same dates I just want to know it will effect my visa,?
    dubai immigration will allow me to enter in dubai bec I changed hotel?
    Plz reply
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