Layover in Frankfurt with small kids - things to do

Hi! I am a mom of 3 and 6 year olds. 3 of us are going to fly from US to Russia this summer with an 11 hour layover in Frankfurt. Our luggage is checked through but we will have a couple of carry on bags with the essentials. My first instinct was to go ahead and get a hotel for those few hours in Frankrurt but now I am thinking it is a great waist of time. We arrive at 11am so we have a whole day to experience a great German city. Do you have suggestions where I can take my kids to have a pleasant day in FRA? The kids are too young to do much walking, though... Do you have tips on how to handle the carry ons? In case we are exhausted is there any secure rest area inside the airport where we all can take a quick nap? (for example in Moscow airport they have a special room for travelers with young children where they can take a nap,clean up, watch cartoons, etc)


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