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US Citizen moving to Germany needs employment help

I have a job offer starting next year as a chef in training. My boss actually wants me to take over his restaurant when he retires...but my problem is that I have no employment for the next 12 months and I do not want to be deported. The chef's wife has been researching work visa information, and it seems that in order to get a work visa, they must advertise and offer the job to German citizens first, and if no one applies, then they can give the job to me. Does anyone know if there is any type of work I can do legally, while I am waiting for the work visa to be approved? I moved here with money in savings and reserve, in the hopes that I could make it last until I got full time employment, but I had to spend most of it in transit. I was caught up in the volcano trouble and had to spend my savings on hotel and train fare because Delta could not help me and the hundreds of thousands of other passengers that were stranded. I did however get a $5 and $7 meal voucher and a $10 off hotel coupon, so I am thankful for that! I was on standby for 2 nights for Madrid, which once I got there would have to take a 679 Euro and 24 hour train ride to my final destination....luckily, I caught the last flight to Paris and the train fare was not nearly as expensive. But these are fees I was not expecting. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    I have been reading a little bit on this subject. From what I have read you don't have to be afraid to be deported...That won't happen too fast.

    As for the employment...don't know if you speak German:

    "Da k
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    Hello, I am an 18 year old American Citizen who wants to live and work in Berlin, Germany! I want to know my options (jobs, residency, ect.). I speak enough German to get by and am willing to work anywhere in the city! PLEASE RESPOND!!!
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    Here's a great guide for anyone moving to Berlin, with info on visas, cost of living, healthcare, etc.
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    What qualifications do you have? Experience? There are a lot of internet companies based in Germany, so programming, design and research jobs are available. I am from England but lived and worked in Germany for a while with only a basic knowledge of the language. There seem to be a lot of internet start-ups popping up so maybe you can find something in that area.
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