Hisaronu -Gurol Hotel - is it closed this summer?

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Does anyone know why Gurol Apartments in Hisaronu, owned by Hasan & Taner (Eric) are closed this season (summer 2010). We were due to holiday there this summer but received an email advising of their closure - no explanation. Any info appreciated. Cheers!


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    I am due to stay there this summer!! i have contacted my travel advisor to confirm. I will let you know what they say. I hope this isnt true.
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    Hi, Gurol Apartments are open and ready to recieve you, I am going for the first time in a couple of weeks and have been in contact with Hasan (the owner), the last couple of days emailing, who is looking forward to our custom. I booked through an internet site, but actually packaged by Cosmos and received my tickets yesterday. He seems very friendly and welcoming. Hope that helps!
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    If you want to visit their website it is http://www.gurolholidays.com/ and the email address is taner@gurolholidays.com

    Any difficulty with the email it is highlighted blue on the left bottom side of their homepage.
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    Thanks for your comment sunworshipper, been a bit worried as we are booked to go later in the summer. would appreciate your comments on return, as never been to Turkey before.
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    we stay at the gurol last year and had i fad time, we also booked for this year, but like you where told it was closed, so we found new apartments to stay, but went to see taner when we arrive in hisaronu, and he was lovely, was very sorry for what had happen,hisaronu is a lovely place to stay, the people are fab, when u go u have to go in robin hood and have a meal,u will have a fab time.

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