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choosing tour operator in Kenya

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Hi, I am planning a trip to Kenya in September. Can anyone advice a good and not too expensive tour operator? I would also appreciate if anyone can share experiences of using the services of KenyaOneToursOperator. Is it common that people make 50% prepayment of their tours? Thanks, A.


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    Hi Aiso

    I usually use Gamewatchers, and find them to be really good, affordable and reliable. They have their own camps in Kenya which are very good value for money.

    In some cases, yes, it is common for tour operators to take a 50% deposit. Many of the lodges charge certain deposits which the tour operator then needs to factor in to your total deposit. Flights need to be paid in full, and this can also bump up the deposit amount, as well as any specials the tour operator may have used.

    Give Gamewatchers a try, and have a fantastic trip!
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    About 50% its genuine i agree with Kate since it caters four the lodge/hotels bookings which one requires to commite him/hereself that the guests have book the place. try also gyzers tours and travel which has affordable rates depending on what you would like to undertake or visit.wish you all the best towards your visit!
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    Dear Aiso!
    i have to know how meany days? how meany will you? camping safari or? i will helpe you on it. [email protected]
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    50% deposit is ok,september been a peak season in kenya you will lodges will always require the deposit.Try Acacia Holidays Ltd for this safari.
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    Dear all,

    thank you for your valuable comments and recommendations.
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    ramasafaris are what i recomend i ave used them and i have not been diasppointed.
    [email protected]
    hope adds value to your shopping.
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    A list of operators for Kenya can also be found at . Send a MEGA Enquiry and get cash back for enquiring through HTP. We do realize this post is over a year old, but hopefully this will help those looking to travel to Kenya in the future. It is an amazing country with a lot to offer - both bush and beach.
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    Try Midways tours and travel they are very good in safaris both in kenya and tanzania and their prices are very reasonably low.
    [email protected] try them.
  • This is nice information shared regarding tour operators as I traveled many places and I know how important is the tour operator that makes hazel free traveling.

  • you have made the right choice as Kenya has a variety of options in terms of destinations, all you need is to Contact the safari Master and be the one with Nature!!!

    Go on the prowl with us Animal World Safaris Ltd! 
  • Gamewatchers is good one for you may be but i am totally against the tour operator because they take high amount of money and do not guide properly..
  • That's a rather broad statement. There are many wonderful tour operators in Kenya who do provide excellent experiences. Have you even been to Kenya, Jerry?
  • Its common for tour operators to ask for a certain % to secure your booking, this is the same case and the TOs are always asked the same by Lodges or hotels. However asking of 50% is on the high side, we at Charterlink Tours & Travel ask 20% from our clients to book.
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