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Safety in Bangkok - demonstrations in Bangkok

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Hello - we have flights booked for Bangkok leaving next week - what is the situation re safety in bangkok? We are only there for a couple of days before heading down to the south of Thailand. I see that the State Department are warning against travel to Bangkok due to the demonstrations but surely this is an overreaction? It would be interesting to hear from someone who is currently in Bangkok or who has recently been there - is there any risk for tourists providing demonstrations are avoided? Any advice would be much appreciated. S


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    Thai people are living a normal live there. There is nothing too concerned as these protestors are just a minority group of people, especially compared to the total population in Bangkok. So if i were you, i wouldn't be to concerned to be honest.
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    Thai people and tourist continued their lives as normal for the most part in Bangkok during the protests. With the red shirts surrender and the farmers sent home, the FCO have now lowered the alert from All travel to Thailand to All but essential travel to Thailand.
    You should not be concerned about travelling at this time
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