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When is the best time to visit Israel?

I want it to be warm enough to go to the beach. I want to be able to visit the sites without passing out from heatstroke.


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    Israel's summer is long - c.mid-June to mid-Oct - and uncomfortably humid in coastal areas, e.g.Tel-Aviv, where temps stay well above 20º even at night despite 'only' reaching 30º during the day. That said, I'm guessing that a vast majority of the sights you'd like to see are *not* in the coastal area, and outside those even typical summer weather would be fine unless you're completely unused to heat. Night temps are likely to dip below 20º there even though days might peak at over 30º; evenings are pleasant.
    Spring and autumn pose a danger of extreme heatwaves that come and go: over 40º would not be unusual in May-June or Sept-Oct.
    Plus, you have the desert areas which are naturally extreme - but what sights would you be taking in there, apart from maybe the Red Sea resort of Eilat?
    Also: Israel is massively airconditioned! - Shops, buses, museums, the lot. And don't forget to *not* take an umbrella throughout June-Oct, it *never* rains.
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