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Best place to stay in Port El Kantaoui

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my son and I are trying to find a place to go on a beach holiday to relax in Tunisia we have been recommended Port El Kantaoui we want to know what others think. We want to share a room with twin beds of course and wondered if we will have problems. We are both vegetarians so need adequate food. Two hotels suggested are Royal Kenz Hotel or Houria Palace Hotel.

We are recovering from a loss of someone dear and just want to relax for a week can anyone suggest anything that fits this please. Requirements - to share a room, to relax on lovely beach, to eat simple tasty food and to be in a pleasant and tasteful place in a nice situation.


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    Lynnesharan - PEK will be the ideal place for you. It is a very nice purpose built tourist resort area, clean, and very nice beach areas. The marina is lovely and has lots of cafes, restaurants to relax and eat. You will do quite well in Tunisia as vegetarians (I am also), but you will need to ask the hotel concierge which restaurants have a variety. Your best bet is to have the salads (fabulous), the vegetable couscous (also delicious), also the macaronna (spaghetti) and some noodle dishes are made only with tomato. There are many, many dishes that you can try though. Sometimes they think putting vegetables into a meat stock is 'vegetarian' so you will need to explain. If you have some French then that will help you, if not, ask the concierge at the hotel to write it on a piece of paper for you. Both the hotels you mention are very good and I am sure you will enjoy yourself.

    The other region I can suggest which is not too far away is Yasmine Hammamet. Very similar to PEK and at the same standard.

    You will be fine to share a twin room - just explain that it is your son and that you wish to stay together. Your passports should be proof enough for this.

    I hope that you will find the peace and calm you look for and that Tunisia will offer you some healing
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