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Requirements when travelling to Namibia

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I would like to know if I am allowed to travel to Windhoek in Namibia on business and if so how long may I be there for this business trip I am from South Africa


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    We are implementing a product in Namibia and will start 13/9/2010 and finish 21/11/2010. The indications are that SA Citizens can work in Namibia for up to 3 months without a visa. Can anyone confirm this and what is the procedure if the project gets extended and we go beyond the 3 month period.
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    Hi Jack
    I would not take that chance as we did the same thing and our colleagues were stopped at the airport and they were almost sent back to SA. I would contact the Namibian Consulate and obtain your visa's I went to discuss training in meetings but was not allowed to do any work and the company we went to see had to write a letter explaining what our purpose was.
    What company are you from?
    Let me know if you have any luck.
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    does namibiam authorities validate ICAO pilot licenses? for work in namibia
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    Can you please tell me how strict the Namibian authorities are about not having exactly 6 months on your passport before expiry date. I am one week short and are not sure of what to do. We will be entering Namibia by road via Noordoewer.

    Check out the Word Travels guide to Namibia for more information on entry requirements.
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    A frind are plannig to drive from SA to Namibia ad i just wanted to find out what other travel requirements we mighte need other than Passports And Visa's?
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