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San Jose - questions!

Hello, I'm a girl and planning to go to San Jose (a trip to learn spanish, living in a family during two weeks and going to school in the mornings).

I've seen some pretty contradictory things on the internet about San Jose's safety; from very dangerous to no danger. I absolutely love just walking randomly in a big city, to discover shops, museums and just see the place for real (not like a tourist!!). Also, i'm 18 years old, and I want (if possible) to enjoy San Jose's nightlife. Finally, I'm going in the beginning of June, so I was wondering what kind of clothes I should bring.

Have you got any advice, places/parts of the city that I should avoid??

Thank you in advance :) (and sorry for my english; french is my primary language :) )


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    San jose’s vibrant nightlife allows you to get to know neighbors and visitors from around the world. Pubs, cantinas, sake bars, appeal to everyone, not just British, Irish, Mexican, Japanese or German clientele. Upscale wine bars serve more mature crowds in cozy settings. Dance clubs, bars and restaurants offer a variety of live music that electrifies the downtown scene into early-morning hours. People from throughout the region gravitate to downtown for a complete evening of dinner, comedy, music or show, dessert and dancing. And, they keep coming back for more. So you can also enjoy yourself by being a bit responsible.
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