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serbian citizenship by descent

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I have a question regarding Serbian citizenship if anyone is able to help at all??... My grandmother and mum were both born in former yugoslavia and had to give up their citizenship when they entered Australia in 1961 (which is where we all still reside).
I am looking into seeing whether it is possible to acquire a serbian/hungarian passport via descent.. does anyone know if it would be possible in my situation?


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    You can probably get Serbian citizenship by their law of descent. Depending on where your grandmother/mom was born in yugoslavia, you may have to get proof that you are not a citizen of another republic like Montenegro, Bosnia, Croatia etc. You should probably contact your local Serbian consulate to start on the paperwork.

    I'm not sure about the Hungarian citizenship though.
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    Being from Bosnia or Montenegro or Slovenia or Croatia does not make you a citizen of their country. My mom is from Bosnia, but she is 100% Serbian and her parents and grand parents are also from Bosnia but they're all Serbs which means they're entitled to Serbian and Bosnian citizenship. Former Yugoslavia is not a birth citizenship country, its blood race citizenship. If you have their old passports and birth certificates as well as yours translated into serbian, then you can get the citizenship.
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