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Guatemala city to Antigua

edited May 2010 in - Central America
I am traveling to guatemala for two weeks in july
and I wanted to know how safe the city is I know it is a bit dangerous

but I want to know:
what is the safest transport to take from the airport to antigua?
should I take a taxi or a shuttle bus?
how much is the exchange from dollars to the money in guatemala?
what precautions should I take when traveling to antigua?
is the city expensive?



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    Travel by taxi from teh airport to Guatemala. Approx $30, agree a price first, you can pay in dollars. Exchange rate approx 7.5 Quetzales to 1 dollar. The drivers are usually very helpful and friendly, keen to chat if you want to practise your espanol. Just be vigilent but not paranoid. You'll love it! Antigua is more expesnive that other places as very touristy these days buit compared to US or Uk its cheap! Enjoy :)
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