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requirements to travel from united states to haiti

edited May 2010 in - USA
Please provide me the details and the requirements for a us citizen to travel to haiti. I will be traveling around the first of April 2011.


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    If you are staying for less than 90 days, all you need is a passport valid for 6 months beyond your departure date. After 90 days, you will need a visa. The way I got to this page is by searching how to obtain a haitian business visa, because the people here want to charge me $500 USD and I am not sure if that is right. Be prepared for everything to be backwards. The Bank Manager still gets served tea in a silver set upon his arrival - very colonial attitude.
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    It’s not a big deal. You should only need a passport with blank visa pages to stay more than 3 months and the passport should have the validity more than 6 months. This you should keep in mind before travelling to avoid problems.
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    I have been to Haiti many times. I am scheduled to leave and my passport is good for only 2 months after I get there. II ahev lloked at the info from the Haitian gov't and spoken to our Sate Dept. I have not been told that the passport need have 6 moths remaining. Anyone have any experience with this matter. I am not sure I have time to get my passport renewed before I leave.
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