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Taxi prices from Larnaca airport to Ayia Napa?

How much approx. would a taxi be from Larnaca airport to Ayia Napa? I will be travelling on my own. I've had a look at but it has had some pretty bad reviews so not too sure whether it is reliable.


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    Try this the offer very attractive prices,we used them last time we visited cyprus and have no problems
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    See link it for transfer from larnaca airport to ayia napa
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    You might want to check these out. I am sure this will be of help:
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    you may check about on the internet or local people to know the rent about the taxi .
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    Internet is the way presented in earlier posts that also exhibits proper links that locates the taxi providers on the said location and it is very difficult and sometimes risky to ask about the taxi because the lack of knowledge about fairs will provide others the opportunity to exploit you, therefore a prior knowledge will provide a hurdle to any person by making you a somehow local person.
  • You can always get your hotel to organise a taxi, we did this (going Larnaca airport to Paphos) and it was a reasonable price having checking the prices
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