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Entry requirements into Romania - return ticket?

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I read on a site under entry requirements for Australians to Romania that I don't need a visa but I DO need a return ticket. However I plan to leave Romania on the Bosfor Express train from Bucharest to Istanbul and this cannot be pre-booked; you can only buy tickets at the station in Bucharest. Will I be refused entry into Romania without proof of my return or onward ticket?

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    I have the same problem. I am from NZ and apparently I need to prove the same thing. If anyone can help I would really appreciate it!

    Thank you!
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    Try this lot, apparently they can prebook tickets for you from Bucharest to Istanbul. Europeanrail on 020 7619 1083. Also is a useful site if you plan on travelling by train
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    Hi Meg. It turned out being no problem at all. When I arrived at the airport in buchurest they didnt ask me any questions, just stamped my passport and sent me on my way. The person I was traveling with, same nationality, for some reason was asked how long they were staying. Just give an estimated time, 2 weeks, one month, or whatever you think is safe, and you should be fine.
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    If its not too late or others who have the same problem.
    Check this out: You'll find the list of countries and all the regulations.
    "The above-mentioned citizens are exempt from the Romanian transit visa, however they are not exempt from the obligation of fulfilling the general conditions of entry, provided for in article 5, paragraph 1, from Regulation 562/2006 of the European Parliament and of the European Council, dated March 15th, 2006 – The Schengen Borders Code (they must hold a valid travel document, supporting documents in the sense of the purpose and conditions of the trip, as well as be able to make the proof of appropriate financial means for the entire period of the transit through the Romanian territory);"

    But it is right, they wont ask much and anyhow you must have a ticket back from an other country in the EU or close by and that should be ok!
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    Hello. You do not need a return ticket. Citizens of Australia coming to Romania for tourism purposes can stay up to 90 days as per the Romanian low. You do not need a return ticket but you may be asked for a proof that you have some services booked for your stay here (such as a voucher). We are a travel agency, if I can be of further help you could e-mail me on [email protected]
    Have a good, safe trip, Ana Irimia
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    When entering Romania how long does your American passport have to be valid for to enter the country. I am planning on going to Romania in October and my passport expires in March 2010. So am I ok or do I need to renew before I go.
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    Hi Star,

    Officially you would need a passport valid for 6M, but I worked with thousands of tourists (American river cruises) and no one ever was checked.
    If you need any more assistance feel free to contact me!

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    I will be traveling to Romania with my two children. (My husband is a Romanian citizen) How would I go about staying longer than 3 mos?( I want to apply for permanent residency) Would I need a return ticket? My husband says I would not. Thanks.
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    @mrs.popa: as you are married to a romanian already, you are entitled to travel in Romania and stay as long as you like, as long as your husband takes you in as a resident. For this purpose, he has to declare that you two are living together at the address of his residence.

    For him to be able to do that he must, of course be a resident in the city you two will be staying. It is not mandatory for your husband to take you in (n.r. we are talking about the procedure itself, not the place you will actually be living in) as anyone can do that if they accept. This process is not checked or regulated in any way, and you are not required to live or spend time at the residence where you are officially declared as a resident.

    However, this procedure is mandatory for you to obtain a residence visa in the city where your husband and yourself will live. This visa will officially entitle you to live and stay there for as long as you like and also return at any time without having to go through this process again.

    In addition, once this procedure is complete you can proceed to obtain the resident card and become an official Romanian resident and on your way to getting the citizenship.

    PS: The procedure you have to look for is called in romanian "luare in spatiu" (I don't know if this is the correct spelling), which I believe means in plain words "acceptance within environment" (i.e. living environment).
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    Hey i just have a question regarding the sixth month rule, im visiting a friend at the end of this month (February using a british passport) but my passport expires in march, im only staying for a few days and it will be valid throughout my stay but will i have any issues such as needing to have my return ticket or anything like that?
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    i am a foreigner worker. my stay permit have already expired. if any possible to stay here and work romanian territority.
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    I am in the military and I have a friend that I would like to visit in Romania. Would a military ID be good to get me in and out of Romania? Since I do not have a passport currently. I know that there are military personel there and when I went for training last year I did not need a passport.
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    Im an american citizen do I need a passport or a visa to travel to Romania?
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    A friend of mine who works for a charity checked with a British embassy official in Bucharest.
    If you are not doing any kind of work and have funds avilable for your stay (in other words, you don't have to rely on any romanian national or service for money) then you can stay longer without a visa if you have somewhere to live 9with a friend of family memeber for example)
    Only if you want to work (paid or voluntary) or stay as a student do oyu need a visa.
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