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visa app while in new zealand

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hi everyone
Please help?? south africans are allowed 3 month entry into new zealand for a holiday without a visa. is it allowed to look for work during that time and apply for work permits. i ask because uk frowns upon this. we've been attacked in our home and need to leave incase they come back again...please help


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    I have no real idea, but I'm sure there are government web~sites that could answer the question. (We're big on having that sort of information on~line). I don't think there'd be anything stopping you making such enquiries whilst here on holiday, but you may have to have an exit ticket, and you may have to exit before being allowed back under any work/immigration scheme, and you'd certainly not be allowed to work here until you get a work permit ~ as far as I'm aware. Good Luck
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    thanks..the web sites are full of fact etc etc but not too hot on method...Clever idea on the exit ticket. round trip will be way too much...will investigate a quick trip out to your nearest neighbour.. thank you
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