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Passport requirements to Tunesia with a Namibian Passport

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Hello! I am planning to go to Tunisia for the first time next month. I live in Germany and have permanent residence here, but I am a Namibian Passport holder. Do you have the same rules for the Namibians as for the South Africans? And if I may ask another question.... I do not like places with too many tourists..... I think Tabarka is beautiful, but perhaps a bit expensive...? Is there any other simular nice places you can recommend? Thank You!!


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    Serene - you will require a visa before you enter Tunisia. Please contact the Tunisian embassy in Germany and find out the documentation you will require for this. As you are coming in high tourist season I have to tell you that there will be tourists everywhere! Tabarka is wonderful but it depends on what you call expensive! Foreign currency goes a long way here. There are cheaper hotels and many cheap places to eat and it costs nothing to swim in the sea.

    I can suggest many wonderful beach areas along our coastline but they will be full of Tunisian families or tourists at that time of the year. Mahdia is a little less off the tourist track and it is really very beautiful. The beach there is fantastic. Have a look at the areas around Cap Serrat and Cap Bon - also all very beautiful and less likely to be overrun by tourists.
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