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Travel to Romania

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I am ukrainian with danish shengen viza,mauby some body answer me..if its possible goin to Romaniya on few days with my danish shengen viza..


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    Romania is not yet part of the Schengen group of countries. You can contact the Romanian embasy in Ukraine for more details:

    Romania Embassy , Ukraine

    Ul. Mihaila Kotziubinskogo nr.8
    [email protected]
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    i am a P.R China passport holder in Indonesia right now, want to have a vacation by myself. maybe somebody answer me where i can get an invitation issue for me to get a romania visa.
    please if anyone can advise
    thanks very much
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    Henny, i hear you bro, we all need to get away for some me-time occasionally. My suggestion is that you contact a suitable Romanian tour operator and ask them to facilitate your invitation and itinerary.
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    ok David, i'll try to find. anyway thanks a lot ^_^ have a good day
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    Hi David, i just want to ask if do you know any travel agency there in romania whom I can contact to make a tourist visa for me? i am current;y staying here in UAE and i wish to visit Romania.

    Best Regards,
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    hello guys im staying in romania for 7 uears if anybody need any assistanse contact me on [email protected]
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    I am a woman who loves to travel alone,and have found that doing so leaves me unhindered by having to agree with someone else's ideas of travel.During my wanderings,I've come across a lot of great people and things to do in my travels. I have only two places left to conquer,one is Australia(it was too easy so I left it for last,in my older years) and the other is Transylvania. I do my traveling via mountain bike and backpack,and am hoping to take on Transylvania in this manner next year. I just read that if you are from America,you wont need a Visa.If this is true,I wish to go camping throughout Transylvania,..and of course,ride my Bike.Is this possible,..and do you know of some camp grounds I can stay it?Or,is it possible to just pick a nice spot and throw down my sleeping bag for the nite,as I do in the US. I really want to go to Sighisoara. Knowing of the mountain area,I can walk the bike uphill,no problem.Please let me know if you can help with any ideas. :)
    Take care and Blessed Be,
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    How safe is Romania for traveling by car from Ukraine to Serbia?
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    Hello guys,
    I am romanian and if someone is available this summer (2010) to visit the Buzau Valley and Vrancea Mountains- where you can visit many interesting touristic objectives such as mud vulcanoes, monasteries, monk caves, holly rock crosses, the amber museum from Colti, some forest reservations, some archaic hamlets, trouts farms and so on - we can organize a small group of bikers (MTB - mountain bike) to spend together 3-5 days. If someone is interested in please let me know. For details, pics or maps my email is [email protected]

    Kind regards,
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    My friend is going to travel from Ukraine to Romania. Is there visa requirements?
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